Mary Heilmann: A Perspective on Art, Water and Surfing

One of the great contemporary artists of our time, Mary Heilmann’s ability to blend pop culture, color and minimalism into works of art that challenge the boundaries of shape, structure and a brilliant simplicity place her among a radical group of artists worth a closer look. Here, Pilgrim Surf peels back the layers to expose…

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…Lost + Pilgrim Surfboards Team Up On A Rad Board Collection

…Lost and Pilgrim Surf + Supply have collaborated on a special limited run of surfboards. Watch, learn and be mesmerized. …Lost + Pilgrim Quiver Killer featuring Chase Wilson from Pilgrim Surf + Supply on Vimeo. Here’s how it all went down:  Pilgrim owner and founder Chris Gentile interviews …Lost owner and founder Matt Biolos CG:…

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Ending Cycles Of Violence, One Wave At A Time

Over the past year, award-winning South African Surf Therapy organization Waves For Change has partnered with fine artist and photographer Jared Aufrichtig. Together with participants from Waves for Change Surf Therapy courses running in Cape Town’s most violent townships,  the team implemented numerous photography workshops to document life in the townships and how Waves For Change is…

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Ellis Ericson Bonzer RVCA

Ellis Ericson | Bonzer

According to the Campbell Brothers, there’s a surf revolution happening, and it goes by the name of Bonzer. Maybe they’re biased since they’ve been making the board for the last 30 years. In this clip of two sessions with Ellis Ericson on a 90’s Campbell Brothers Bonzer, demonstrates what the Campbell Bros describe as “high…

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Why Chris Christenson Is A Legend

Vice sent a production crew to spend the day with legendary California shaper, Chris Christenson, for an insiders look into his day to day, ethos and free time escapades. From shaping to surfing, Chris’ outlook on life seems to be a polished one. After you’ve surfed a few of his boards you’ll quickly realize he’s…

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