mission statement

Mission Statement

If you’ve ever started a company, you know that the key part of getting your idea off the ground is developing a mission statement. This short paragraph introduces yourself and your idea to the world, and explains how you’re different and what you’re contributing to the (hopefully) greater good. Ever thought about writing a mission…

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Cardboard Surfboard

You’ve been following the Every Third Thursday series from Signal Snowboards, right? It’s been going on for four seasons now, and the creators say it’s “changed the culture at Signal,” in a really good way. Taking a day off work to pursue creative ideas, with permission from work, that’s like, the dream. With this cardboard…

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QP X Israel Preciado 11

A Shared Moment with Israel Preciado

This documentary film is the first in a series of Quality Peoples short films that take a brief glimpse into the lives of their collaborators and inspirations. Israel Preciado is a longboarder from Mexico and the unofficial Mayor of Sayulita. You might know Izzy as the face of QP, he’s the stoic guy in all…

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Palmyra (2008)

More on Through the Surface, the Reef Mapping Project

Last week, we told you about a competition some surfer scientists have entered a National Geographic contest to get funding for a project to map our reefs. Voting is open until Sept. 29 so we got back in touch with Cliff Kapono and Clinton Edwards for more details on their project, the difficulties of finding…

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Natural Handmade Clothing

We spend a lot of time focusing on the quality of our food — is it organic? local? grass fed? non-GMO? — but an area of life we often overlook when trying to be a more conscious consumer is our clothing. Not only is it important to buy clothes made locally, but certain fabrics are better than…

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