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EL Nino Graces South America: Land of Lefts

While Hawaii and the West Coast of North America are being garnished with a seemingly endless supply of XXL and rifling surf, it seems our sister continent to the South has been long forgotten. Check out what happens when El Nino links up with some of our planet’s best left hand point breaks in the…

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A Terasu ARTISANAL LIFESTYLE feature: Margaux Arramon Tucoo creates a world that suits her. She rides longboards in the era of ever-shorter. She paints kaleidoscopic rainbows of shapes and color that do not betray her first love. ARTISANAL LIFESTYLE | MARGAUX ARRAMON-TUCOO from Terasu on Vimeo. Though surfing and art are inexorably linked, she believes that…

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Summer Lovin with Mick Fanning

With El Nino offering up a feast of a winter here in the Northern Hemi, it goes without saying, the boys have been scoring in the Southern Hemi too. Here’s a recent harvest by Australia’s golden boy, Mick Fanning. Summer Lovin from Darcy Ward on Vimeo.

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Winter Storm Jonas // An East Coast Winter Strike Mission

With Winter Storm Jonas bearing down on the eastern seaboard, our buddy and talented filmmaker, Corey Frank, and his roommate / pro surfer, Pat Schmidt, and friends set out to harvest what Winter Storm Jonas had in store. After being evacuated from their beach-side home, they figured there was no better time to start the…

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Banjo Strings // A Mollusk Film by Jack Coleman

The latest video to drop by Mollusk Surf and Jack Coleman featuring three surfers that changed the way we see and ride waves: Rob Machado, Ryan Burch and Tom Curren. Enjoy! Banjo Strings – a film by Jack Coleman from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo.

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