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Matuse Presents: Joel Tudor

Matuse Presents: Joel Tudor from Matuse Inc. on Vimeo. Joel Tudor representing some Premium (the Ichiban) Game on a sunny day in La Jolla

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For the love: Jeff Mccallum

Jeff McCallum wanted to be an NBA star. And standing at 6’3″ and growing up in Colorado, it was probably more likely a profession early on than what he’s doing now: which is shaping some of the most one-of-a-kind, beautiful surfboards you’ll ever lay your eyes on. And doing it out of National City, San…

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Taylor Steele’s Words of Wisdom

We found this GMC car commercial with Taylor Steele via The Matador Network. Taylor has always inspired us with his work ethic and organization. In this clip Taylor gives some bits of advice gleaned from years of his creative hustle. For a constant stream of great adventure travel content check out The Matador Network.

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Poler Surf

Poler Surf from Poler Outdoor Stuff on Vimeo. Poler Tent Team riders Mikey DeTemple and Trevor Gordon surf their own backyards and then head for Puerto Rico! Check out the new Poler High and Dry bag collection at #campvibes

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The Josh Hall Story

The Josh Hall Story from SeaLevelTV on Vimeo. Josh Hall is a young, ambitious shaper who blends San Diego’s legendary surfing history and culture with progressive designs. In this short film, we dig into his formidable Pacific Beach (“PB”) roots. Josh runs us through seminal life events involving local legends Skip Frye, Joe Roper, and…

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