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Foster Huntington + Trevor Gordon Make Surfing Without A Surfboard Look Easy

Surf magic dream team, Foster Huntington and Trevor Gordon, are at it again: this time they’re perfecting the art of wave-riding sans surfboard; a talent honed over days and days of flops, flips and nosedives. Here’s their latest evidence of success. Keep in mind, this could be the start to a new sport. All you…

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Hangs Upon Nothing: Perfection In 16mm

What comes to mind when you think of perfect turquoise waves reeling across a palm studded beach? Hangs Upon Nothing offers just that – I peak down the line at perfect waves. Keep your eyes out for a full feature on Hangs Upon Nothing coming to Korduroy.TV in the near future. Stay tuned! Hangs Upon…

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Colapintail x Cj Nelson Designs

Here’s what happens with Corey Colapinto and legendary shaper, CJ Nelson, team up to create a magic sled fit for some summertime shredding. Colapintail x Cj Nelson Designs from Corey Colapinto on Vimeo.

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Auditorium with Mark McInnis

Mark McInnis is from the Pacific Northwest, where he dug his music roots into the hardcore scenes of metal, punk rock and gangster rap. But his photographs represent a softer side of his artistic impulses, so for this edition of Auditorium, he’s selected a track from Joe Pug to serve as the background to his…

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A Shark Conservationist And Her Whale Shark

Earlier this week whale sharks were listed as Endangered by the International Union For Conservation Of Nature (IUCN). In what was a sober reminder of the poor state of our oceans and the species declines unfolding across land and sea, we were left with two options: to sit by and do nothing or take action….

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