Spotlight: Ryan Tatar

Ryan Tatar is an American photographer based in San Francisco, California. He grew up in the great lake state of Michigan, in the heartland of the America. Family summer trips to the mountains or the sea inspired him to one day live by the ocean. Eventually moving to the east coast and then to California,…

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BIG OIL DON’T SURF I’m sure some of you are aware of what is happening on the Southern Coast in Australia currently. Equinor, the Norwegian oil Company, have been planning to turn one of the last untouched oceans into a drilling field, causing ecosystems to relocate or potentially die, and Great Australian Bight to be in…

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Spotlight on Tatsuo Takei

Tatsuo Takei, a photographer and cinematographer born in Osaka, Japan, but relocated to California for many years, photographing classic California longboard style. As an analog photographer Tatsuo has made a unique name for himself creating a timeless style that defines his work. Since 1997, he has created a living working as a surf photographer and has gotten into…

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Sunscreen Chemicals Found in NZ wells

Photo via NZ Herald Recent findings in New Zealand’s well water have shown that chemicals to make sunscreen and plastics, have been found in over 70% of 135 wells (on behalf of 12 regional counties of 39 counties located in all of NZ). Many of us view the country of New Zealand as one of the least polluted…

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Sargassum Slow-Down Shuffle

Sargassum Slow-Down Shuffle from Endless Sea. A postcard from a few charming days in Florida. Sargassum Slow-Down Shuffle is a short film inviting you to break focus, and lose yourself in the colorful haze of the short-lived, subtropical Winter. Featuring Saxon Wilson, Produced by Endless Sea, Filmed in and around the original East Coast surfing…

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