Analog – Brooks Sterling

Analog // Brooks Sterling from Matt Mangham on Vimeo. No matter how beloved analog photography is, it constantly seems to have the reputation of being a dying art. With all of the latest filter packs and editing programs, soo many folks have lost touch with the actual art behind shooting film.. but there are still…

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Chasing Mavericks In Real Life

Kyle Thiermann, big wave charger and all around good dude, opens up stories and world behind Big Wave Surfing. This first episode in a weekly series is beyond classic, can’t wait to see the rest of the series unfold! “The series is much more than just training and surfing,” Thiermann says. “It’s everything from exploring…

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From The Cottage

From DIY garage artist to a job worth working for, Jimmy Kakanis found a way to incorporate the things he loves – skateboarding, surfing and having fun – into everyday life. Filmmaker Mick Soiza gives us a deeper look into Cottage Skateboards in this fun little clip.

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Into the mind of Greg Long

When it comes to big wave surfers, there are few more accomplished than Greg Long. Check out Greg’s philosophy behind his life long pursuit of charging big waves.

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Photo Yannick LeToquin - cyanotype print (10)

Cyanotype Photography by Yannick Le Toquin

  Based on a print process invented in 1842, Yannick Le Toquin has started to revive the process using modern and archival surf imagery entirely from France. Yannick’s work was primarily based off black & white film, but as of recent he’s begun expanding his experiments into a mix of digital and various analog formats….

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