Meet New York Surfer / Director Mikey Detemple


Cover Photo and Video by: Sean Martin

“In the water, DeTemple’s modern adaptation of time-honored style makes it clear that he doesn’t give up on a good thing, even in the midst of complications. Though medical issues had the potential to prevent him from ever surfing again, he refused to be put out of commission – he was enjoying life too much as it was. Rather than letting go of the past, he used that secondhand spark to drive him forward. The experience of hardship contextualized the past: it underscored the transience of health and vitality. Threatened by the possibility of missing out on what he loved, DeTemple adopted an almost frantic energy to live life to its fullest.”



    Mikey Detemple stokes me out. I had the pleasure of meeting him in a surf shop in Florida right before he released Picaresque, he was super humble and very into his art. I ordered picaresque right as it was released and have 2 of the shirts he made for the movie. I have since gotten too fat for the shirts and now my oldest son wears them, they are among his favorites as is the movie. I hope Mikey releases another feature length film in the near future, I’m glad to pay full retail for it.