Happy Campers: Emily Murray

camping and cooking

As soon as Emily Murray got out into the water with a surfboard shortly after high school, she was hooked. Camping and surfing quickly became her life, evolving from a weekend thing to swell chasing to full on mobile living. She recently released a book, “Van Made Recipes,” and since we’ve been exploring the topic,… Read More

Understanding Hydroponic Vegetables


With drought constantly threatening farming (and life) in California, the state has been a heavy proponent of hydroponic growing since it began reducing the water that farmers were allowed to use on their crops nearly 15 years ago. Hydroponic systems remove soil from the farming equation, replacing it instead with water that’s infused with all of the nutrients that any specific plant needs to thrive.

The Packing List: Pat Towersey

pat towersey packing list

Punker Pat is most known for his longtime presence in the surf industry (he’s been on the scene for more than two decades) but did you know he’s also a paddler and marathon runner? We got in touch to see what he brought on a recent ride to Catalina. He paddled there, ran a marathon,… Read More

Making It: John O’Callaghan from SOLOSHOT

Soloshot camera surf filmmaking

In today’s world of social media, we are obsessed with ourselves, sharing photos and videos of everything we are doing. But aren’t you tired of those same “selfies” where a person holds their phone or camera out in front of their face and “snap!”? Enter SOLOSHOT: a group of like-minded surfers who put their heads together… Read More

Trouble in Paradise – Mentawai, Indonesia

Mentawai Indonesia palm oil

We posted this video by Matt Hannon on our Facebook earlier in the week, about oil companies capitalizing on indigenous lands in Indonesia, at the expense of the tribal people who live there. Based on the response we saw, we thought you’d appreciate some more information. When asked why Hannon decided to take on this… Read More

Auditorium with Liam Gallagher

Liam O'Gallagher snowboarding photography

We’re coming to the end of winter here but it’s never too late to marvel at some stellar snowboarding. Photographer and filmmaker Liam Gallagher shares some of his shots from what he says was the “best winter yet” up in Bellingham, Washington. These pictures make a fair case for that argument.  To see more from… Read More

Longboarding in Spain

Longboarding in Spain 2

Longboarding is relatively new for Spain, and local filmmaker Jan Latussek says the scene that has evolved in recent years is as diverse as the cuisine and the people of the different Spanish regions. He’s started an online community, The Wavepeople, to gather all that diversity into one place, so Spanish longboarders and those just… Read More

Monitoring Radiation Levels in the Wake of Fukushima

Fukushima nuclear radiation

In the wake of March 2011’s deadly earthquake/tsunami, the disastrous leakage at the Daiichi nuclear plant has raised lots of questions about radiation contamination and health concerns.