Guitars Made From Skateboards // Recycle, Re-purpose, Re-use

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Nick Pourfard started Prisma Guitars based on his love for skateboarding and music. He is a 22 year old self-taught woodworker and industrial design student based out of San Francisco, CA. All guitars are built using the wood from broken and used skateboards.

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Nature And Winter Surfing In The northwest Of Ireland

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“The movie is trying to depict a feeling of compassion for nature and the groove of winter surfing in the North west of Ireland. The concept is about not being obsessed by the past or future, but to free yourself from the dis-eases of life by focussing on the present moment.” – Filmmaker, Yuji Shimobayashi moment bye…

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Tomorrow Night: Troy Mothershead Film Premier X Terasu + TopaTopa


If you’re in Southern California, stop by Topa Topa Brewery tomorrow night for a film premier featuring the waveriding likes of Troy Mothershead. Plus, our pals at Terasu will be on hand, and there will be a garnish of images along the walls made by Amado Stachenfeld, Donnie Hedden, Sean Martin and Dylan Gordon. Enjoy!

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Bend Oregon River Surfing with Gerry Lopez

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Having relocated from the North Shore to Bend, Oregon, Gerry has transitioned smoothly to a life guided by the ebb and flow of the mountains and rivers – Here’s his approach to the waves on hand. Enjoy! Bend Oregon River Surfing with Gerry Lopez from Paul Clark on Vimeo.

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A Jay Nelson Surf Shack // An Indoek Feature

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“Nestled away in a remote and lush coastal nook of the Hawaiian island chain is the dream home of filmmaker Jess Bianchi and jewelry designer Malia Grace Mau, built by San Francisco based artist Jay Nelson.” Check out the full story, Surf Shacks 028 – Jess Bianchi, on Indoek   — Photography and interview by…

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Through The Eyes Of Author, Waterman, Surf Photographer, Nik West

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          An Interview With Mexico-Based Surf Photographer, Waterman, and Author, Nik West                 Korduroy.TV: Nick, can you tell us a little bit about your background, and what brought you to Sayulita? Nick: I was born in New Zealand and moved to Canada at 13…

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Earth Day Inspiration: Recycled, recyclable and plant based surfboards!

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“As surfers we get a lot from our environment. We arguably glean the most joy from nature possible. It’s great to see people in the surf industry reciprocating by taking a hard look at how their manufacturing processes impact the ultimate source of our stoke.” – Cyrus Sutton Moss Research is on a mission to…

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El Nino Update: Curious How Good The Surf Was In Central California? // Here’s a taste…

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Filmmakers Kyle Buthman and Perry Gershkow are at it again. This time they scoured the Central California Coast for moments of perfection offered up by an El Nino serving size of swell, and pockets of perfect weather. Nat Young, Nate Tyler and friends sure made use what El Nino had to offer… Enjoy VERTICAL LINES…

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