Why the buildings of the future will be shaped by … you


Architecture is not about math or zoning — it’s about visceral emotions,” says Marc Kushner. In a sweeping — often funny — talk, he zooms through the past thirty years of architecture to show how the public, once disconnected, have become an essential part of the design process. With the help of social media, feedback…

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How To Surf Ireland, Scotland and England


Here’s a peak at a wave rich landscape often overlooked. While we may have seen some of the gems Ireland has to offer the barrel hungry surfer, it turns out there’s a wave for everyone in the British Isles, Ireland and Scotland. Here’s an adventure that should inspire you to cancel you Indo surf trip…

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Kepa Acero surfs the Brazilian Pororoca


I went to Brazil with the hope of surfing the Pororoca, not knowing how l was gonna get there, without planning, without knowing anyone, with my backpack and my boards. Luckily I met a comunity who wanted to share the experience and went on a fishing boat, far away to the heart of Amazona. The…

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On Days Like These We Must Surf


Surfing on a lake? Impossible, right? Wrong. Loveable wild man Larry Cavero lives for surfing the ice-cold waters of The Great Lakes in this short doc about the burgeoning surf scene around Toronto, Canada. On Days Like These We Must Surf from Jake Kovnat on Vimeo.

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Offseason: A Ben Moon Film


Daniel Norris is living the dream, and he’s broken the mold. The mold I’m referencing is the one that professional athletes who don’t fit in the traditional “bins” of vagabond prone sports like surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, fly fishing, climbing etc. Daniel’s one of the wold’s best MLB pitchers who calls a yellow VW bus home…

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Let The Good Times Roll


With winter knocking on our doorstep, here’s what we are leaving behind: “Spring/Summer…..the best time of year! Daylight hours get longer, water temp starts rising. Rubber quickly gives way to above-the-knee cotton-blend trunks designed for all purpose activities. That oh so familiar and joyous calling to head south with a van full of boards, esky…

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Bison Have Been Dubbed Our National Mammal: How Ironic


Earlier this Spring the Obama Administration proclaimed that from now moving forward the bison (Bison bison bison) will be known as America’s national mammal. While there is no doubt the bison is a fitting and frankly deserving mammal to receive such a distinction, it is fair to say that the reverence and distinction is one…

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Mollusk Surf Presents: Travocadler


An oldie but a goodie – something to tide you over as winter sends it’s front runners to a pointbreak, slab or peeler near you!  

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