…Lost + Pilgrim Surfboards Team Up On A Rad Board Collection


…Lost and Pilgrim Surf + Supply have collaborated on a special limited run of surfboards. Watch, learn and be mesmerized. …Lost + Pilgrim Quiver Killer featuring Chase Wilson from Pilgrim Surf + Supply on Vimeo. Here’s how it all went down:  Pilgrim owner and founder Chris Gentile interviews …Lost owner and founder Matt Biolos CG:…

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Ending Cycles Of Violence, One Wave At A Time


Over the past year, award-winning South African Surf Therapy organization Waves For Change has partnered with fine artist and photographer Jared Aufrichtig. Together with participants from Waves for Change Surf Therapy courses running in Cape Town’s most violent townships,  the team implemented numerous photography workshops to document life in the townships and how Waves For Change is…

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Ellis Ericson | Bonzer

Ellis Ericson Bonzer RVCA

According to the Campbell Brothers, there’s a surf revolution happening, and it goes by the name of Bonzer. Maybe they’re biased since they’ve been making the board for the last 30 years. In this clip of two sessions with Ellis Ericson on a 90’s Campbell Brothers Bonzer, demonstrates what the Campbell Bros describe as “high…

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Why Chris Christenson Is A Legend


Vice sent a production crew to spend the day with legendary California shaper, Chris Christenson, for an insiders look into his day to day, ethos and free time escapades. From shaping to surfing, Chris’ outlook on life seems to be a polished one. After you’ve surfed a few of his boards you’ll quickly realize he’s…

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A Fresh Look At Thoreau’s Walden Pond


For all of us who look to the woods, wilderness and open road for an escape or adventure of a lifetime, the word Thoreau means something. He was the guy who made tiny homes cool, cabins rad, and giving the middle finger to society sexy. Most of us have probably read his quotes peppered across…

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Mollusk Surf Presents: California Cult by Jack Coleman


Alex Knost, Tanner Prairie, Justin Adams, and Ari Browne show us what a summer day in California has to offer. Now that fall’s practically at our doorstep, I guess we can consider this film as an inspiration piece for our next dose of sun and South swell. Enjoy! California Cult from Mollusk Surf Shop on…

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The Environmental Cost Of i-phones and ‘Green Tech’


There’s a sludge filled lake with innumerable tubes pumping black waste into its murky waters 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Much of the black coloration comes from the coal residue falling from the sky. If you look around this distopian wasteland, you’ll see the smokestacks of coal power plants in every direction….

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Happy Campers: Ryan Lovelace


“You really have to sack up and just do it sometimes.” Ryan Lovelace shares with us this and other thoughtful insights about his Cosmic Collider van conversion, which you may or may not have been following on Tumblr. Here the well known surfboard shaper gets into the nitty gritty details about some of the best…

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