Inheriting Tl’abane Trailer

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“These mountains are sacred, these rivers our lifeblood and the headwaters is where our spirits lay. If you destroy this place, you destroy our very existence.” Tl’abane, otherwise known as the Sacred Headwaters, is one of the wonders of the world. It is the birthplace of the Stikine, Skeena, Iskut and Nass watersheds and its…

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“As World’s Divide”, A Q &A with filmmaker Rob Henry

Tariq Zaidi1

  Korduory connected with filmmaker and surfer Rob Henry to learn more about his new film “As Worlds Divide”, and his experience trading a life in Melbourne for one in the Indonesian jungle. KTV: What caused you to leave Melbourne and move to the Mentawais in 2008? RH: I was feeling fed up with all the greed…

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Black Friday


Over the years Black Friday has become synonymous with videos of people obliterating shopping malls in search of deals ahead of the holidays. I just watched a couple of these videos to refresh my memory and instantly regretted it. Although the day is gaining notoriety with each passing year, a growing movement of people are opting to…

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Sachi’s Story

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Sachi Cunningham is many things: a university professor, a big-wave photographer, a mom, a filmmaker, a wife- I could go on. Most recently, Sachi added cancer survivor to the list. “The ocean has always been a major part of my treatment. It’s just raw and wild out there, all you know is that what comes…

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I-tal Collective Kickstarter


I-tal Collective is a contemporary artists collective promoting creativity and cultural exchange through muralists and sustainable practices. The team is pre-launching a unique collection of Hemp made products through a Kickstarter campaign which has 7 days left. We connected with one of I-tal’s founders, Vincente, to learn more about the campaign and the Collective itself. I-Tal Collective’s…

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Island Earth, a documentary film by Cyrus Sutton

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Island Earth, a documentary film by Cyrus Sutton   Island Earth Synopsis A rich and complex tale of a young indigenous scientist’s journey through the corn fields of GMO companies and loi patches of traditional Hawaiian elders reveals modern truths and ancient values that can save our food future. To feed all the humans on…

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Way North // A Ski and Surf Adventure in Norway

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Two “Soulsurfers”:  the mountains and the ocean. Blue skies or pouring rain, on the mountain or in the water, Aline Bock and Lena Stoffel had unforgettable moments on their “Way North”. A Journey in an RV full of surfboards, skis, snowboards, splitboards and SUPs. “We didn’t know what conditions awaited us, but Lena and I,…

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Meet New York Surfer / Director Mikey Detemple

Photo by Sean Martin

ARTISANAL LIFESTYLE | MIKEY DETEMPLE from Terasu on Vimeo. Cover Photo and Video by: Sean Martin “In the water, DeTemple’s modern adaptation of time-honored style makes it clear that he doesn’t give up on a good thing, even in the midst of complications. Though medical issues had the potential to prevent him from ever surfing…

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