South of Somewhere


Everyone needs a break and if you’re a surfer in San Diego, the uncharted terrain of Baja Mexico is one of the best places to take a nice long deep breath. The hard working boys who run the apparel and gear shop Aloha Sunday recently took a trip down south. They shared this edit as…

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Aotearoa Surf Film Fest Accepting Submissions


As a small pacific nation with their roots deeply connected to the native forefathers of surfing and an infinite coastline, New Zealand is a country of surf enthusiasts and ocean lovers. In order to keep the surf masses happy across the small coastal communities, surf film festivals are held to bring the community together. Next…

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Welcome to Sweden


Camilo began to tell stories of the island; the numb Baltic sea brushing up against the shore building walls of ice as tall as a fishing boat. The one-way road wraps around a pond- a cracked mirror to the pine trees above. Herds of drunken moose call this bitter place home. If we were to roll down the windows we’d hear an echo of fermented apples splitting between their teeth.

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Solar in Mexico


Many residents of rural Baja, Mexico have no or very limited access to electricity. Baja has a tremendous solar resource yet solar panels can be overly expensive and distant for many. This keeps solar technology out of financial/logistical reach for many, leaving them without access to electricity. Many residents of the outlying fishing and ranching…

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Kepa in Spain


If you want to know about the place where you’re visiting, you need to integrate with the people. That’s Kepa Acero’s travel philosophy. We’ve been watching him travel all over the world the past few years – from Africa, Mexico, Indo and back again. He recently made a stop in his home country, Spain, for…

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Sailing Surfer Voyages Earth


Jacob Ellis lives on his sail boat and he voyages to remote areas of the world. If you’re not a sailor, it’s almost impossible to imagine all of the intricate details that go into making a trek like this possible. If you are a sailor, you know how many things have to fall into place…

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Island Earth, Kickstarter and You


Island Earth, Cyrus Sutton’s latest documentary film project, has 14 days to go on its Kickstarter campaign. The film is about a growing movement of people, real individuals, who are tired of living in a world where industrial agriculture has overtaken the food supply systems, using fossil fuels and spreading toxic chemicals. There was a…

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The Results Are In – BBSF Surf Shorts


After 4 months and close to 50 short film entries from around the globe, the showdown of the 6 predominantly international entries that got voted into the finals by their peers and online followers went down at a packed house of over 200 people at the Byron Community Theatre during the festival on Saturday, Oct. 25. The…

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