SD’s Finest Ep. 1 : John Haffey

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Shakas, single fins and a Dr. P, All an integral part of a healthy recipe of stoke for Mr. John Haffey. An SD legend to the bone. New Series from Matuse wetsuits entitled, “Can’t Knock the Hustle.” Looking forward to seeing more of the series unfold soon. SD's Finest Ep. 1 : John Haffey from…

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Sunhouse – 3 Sections by Jack Coleman


Jack Coleman has been spending last few winters down under. Most of his time spent on the most easterly tip of Australia’s east coast, Byron Bay, AKA the bubble. He’s slipped into a tight crew of equally eclectic individuals and documents them and the day to day grind that is, life in the bubble. The…

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Al Knost – Byron Bay Log Session


Alex Knost | Byron Bay Log Session from RVCA on Vimeo. Al Knost is an animal with that wild style as if from another planet standing straight as a pencil with 10 toes over the nose. Nothing but kudos for this master. Also check out this clip of Al, posted up in Byron with Ellis…

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Sustainable surfing via Algae surfboards


UC San Diego’s efforts to produce innovative and sustainable solutions to the world’s environmental problems have resulted in a partnership with the region’s surfing industry to create the world’s first algae-based, sustainable surfboard. (Read More –

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Boyan Slat – Ocean Cleanup


Currently, there are millions of tons of plastic floating throughout the oceans. Primary concentrated in five rotating currents.. But even beyond these concentrations, the water has been polluted so far as to have become a thick soup of microplastics. It was estimated to take upwards of 79,000 YEARS to successfully rid of this waste. 17…

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The Fisherman’s Son


No matter where you’re from or what you do, the people you meet in life have some of the most impactful influences on how you live your life. Surfing has a way of bringing together incredible folks to create and achieve incredible things. Filmmaker, surfer, family-man (among a million and a half other things), Chris…

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Auditorium with JR Watson


From the moment you meet the guy, you’re instantly stoked. JR Watson is one of those unique individuals that screams rad style and stoke. No matter what it is, Photography, filmmaking, art or music.. JR manages to have a knack for it all. The above song is by JR himself, sit back.. take a listen,…

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Sustainable Surfboard Experiments

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From the waste-bin to the waves, join Moss-Research Founder Jake Moss as he explains his recycled pine-based surfboard manufacturing process he’s dubbed “Eco-Flex” in his goal to create eco-friendly surfboards for a shared planet.  Coby Peterson, third generation of the family-run Marko Foam, is helping by evangelizing the benefits of recycled foam to create stronger and…

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