Story Board by Donald Brink

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 2.36.53 PM

While most folks tend to steer clear of experimentation, some folks embrace it. Donald Brink, finding function in the mundane, recycles, innovates and creates this piece of art. Functional art. Check this out: Story Board from Matt Gahan on Vimeo.

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Brent Ferris – The Craftsman Project 001

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The doers, makers, shakers. They’re all around us but sometimes we don’t give the time of day to step back and see what they’re all about or where they came from to be where they are now. Brent Ferris is one of them. Surfer, Barber, Shaper, Do-er. Russell Brownley has released the first installment of…

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Assay of Atoll Trailer

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.33.42 AM

Straight from the archives of Mr. Michael Kew, ‘Assay of Atoll’ is being surfaced. Footage from a trip to the Atoll, Jason Salsibury, Matt Bromley, Daniel Jones & photographer Brad Masters nearly two years ago. Kew plans to release a short, 10-15 minute film sometime later this year, guaranteed not to be your average “Surf…

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Burch + V.Bowls = The Shakes

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 3.06.18 PM

On one of Ryan Lovelace’s 7’10″ v.Bowls, Burch manages to turn a funky non-wave wave into a completely shredable wave. We’ve seen Burch get wild on the v.Bowls before, but this is all time. We featured Ryan’s v.Bowls before, if you havnt read it, have your mind blown even more here!  Enough chattin, more shredding:  …

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Slice of Solitude


“It was a last minute decision – an inspired thought to dust off our passions and get back to something truer, something more basic. We gave ourselves a day with no expectations, simply a little slice of time.” Our friends over at Terasu featured this little escape of Cyrus Sutton and photographer Dylan Gordon up the…

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DIY Survival kits out of Altoid Tins


  The fine folks over at created an incredibly thorough glossary of DIY survival kits. Some are excessive, some are minimal, some unnecessary.. but all together a rad starting point for you own stow-away kit based on your own specific needs. Take a look, make a kit! Let us know how it goes and where…

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Project Outdoor film series


HUCK has recently launched a new film series entitled, Project Outdoor. Essentially they’re exploring a new approach to filmmaking by challenging the filmmakers to venture deeper into the mood, feeling, emotion and aesthetic of a piece as opposed to the conventional narration or music. This one features polar explorer Ben Saunders and marine biologist Monty Halls.

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Rediscover the lost art of spacing out


Illustration by John Hersey/Courtesy of WNYC NPR has asked proposed an interesting question, “when was the last time you were truly bored? Or even had a moment for mental downtime, unattached to a device?” (Surfing seems to be an obvious exception to this, yet, we’re still not THAT bored.. though, relating it to the rest of…

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