Free Lolita #16425DaysASlave

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Free Lolita | #16425DaysASlave from Ian W. McGee on Vimeo. YOU can help free Lolita. We are 92% of the way to meeting our goal of letters sent to the Miami Seaquarium asking for Lolita’s release. Follow the link below to tell them yourself! ‪#‎16425DaysASlave‬ The Paint Shop Directed by: Ian Mcgee +…

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Roger Hinds: The Checker Board

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Renowned Seal Beach beach shaper, Roger Hinds, got his hands on a 3,400 year old slab of Giant Sequoia, a species of tree regarded as the largest and among the longest living organisms on Earth. His vision to shape a board around a checkerboard stringer would take him on a creative journey rich with peaks…

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The Craftsman Project – 002/Kahana Kalama from Russell Brownley on Vimeo. This is a short documentary about Kahana Kalama and his life as a Craftsman. Kahana, an ex-professional surfer, is the owner of Aloha Beach Club a surf supply store with locations in North Park, San Diego and Kailua, Oahu. This story follows Kahana between…

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Tom Curren On A Fish

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Tom Curren on a Fish from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo. Tom Curren surfs a Frye fish in this clip from Searching for Tom Curren.

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Hurricane Joaquin // South Carolina Surf

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Hurricane Joaquin Surfing 2015 – “Don’t Worry, Mom. We’re Fine.” A Folly Beach Surf Video from Sea Island Media on Vimeo. South Carolina is one of those surf destinations that flies under the radar, but as you might expect it sure has some epic days! Here’s Folly Beach, South Caroline lighting up with a recent…

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Surf & Abide

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Surf & Abide | The Art of Surf T Shirt Campaign | Teaser Film from Shawn Zappo on Vimeo “Communing with nature, dancing in the aquatic realm, immersed in the womb of Planet Earth, I have found the purest of joy while surfing.” – Shawn Zappo “Surfing Sadhana”

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Meet New York Surfer / Director Mikey Detemple

Photo by Sean Martin

ARTISANAL LIFESTYLE | MIKEY DETEMPLE from Terasu on Vimeo. Cover Photo and Video by: Sean Martin “In the water, DeTemple’s modern adaptation of time-honored style makes it clear that he doesn’t give up on a good thing, even in the midst of complications. Though medical issues had the potential to prevent him from ever surfing…

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How to Become An Adventure Photographer: Andy Best Interview


Meet Andy Best: My name is Andy Best, and I live full-time in a camper, seriously. I’ve been in the film/commercial industry for about 10 years now. I grew up shooting photography alongside my Dad and Grandfather. It was never pushed on me, it was just something that came to be. It was never something…

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