Wise Words from Deep South Chile

Soulsticio 01

Free surfers Diego Medina and León Vicuña join Chilean surfing pioneer Icha Tapia on a trip way south to find empty perfection. Life is simple and good. More to come from Chile soon!

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Huck Across America


Have you ever wanted to get in your car and just drive until you hit the opposite ocean? Think of all the different kinds of people you’d see, the different ways of life you’d experience. Well, since not all of us have the ability to get in the car and just go, Huck Magazine is doing…

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Spirare Surfboards and Recycled Marine Debris

1_cunningham_sorted debris material

Kevin Cunningham finally figured out how to make surfboard fins out of the garbage that he finds lying around the beach. And like any good surf entrepreneur, he’s now making a business out of that skill. Yew! To help him with the cost of running that business, he’s applied for a Chase Main Street grant…

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The Sea, My Soul

Rasta righthander (Jeff Flindt)

Stephen Jones has been working on “El Mar, Mi Alma” for a few years now. That’s not unusual for filmmakers, but we’ve seen the clips and have been waiting so patiently to release it, and it’s finally here. We have a few clips to share, along with an interview with Jones to get an idea…

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The Re-Evolution of John Brodie

Grian surfboards event in Maine

Three days in, I put down my camera. Not because it was out of battery or because of a lens drenched in cedar. I put it down because I felt at home. We all shared a feeling of warmth and rejuvenation on the Grain Surfboards farm that balmy September night. The days leading up to…

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Hangs Upon Nothing Asian Premiere

Hangs Upon Nothing_balinale_Bali_Asia Premiere_Screening_Poster_www.hangsuponnothing.com_2000 pixels square

We’ve been following Jeremy Rumas’s “Hangs Upon Nothing” since he first announced it in 2011. Remind yourself by checking back in on the interview we did with him here. He dropped the trailer in 2012 and he’s been touring it to film festivals around the world ever since. Now, he’s stoked to announce the first premiere…

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Mission Statement

mission statement

If you’ve ever started a company, you know that the key part of getting your idea off the ground is developing a mission statement. This short paragraph introduces yourself and your idea to the world, and explains how you’re different and what you’re contributing to the (hopefully) greater good. Ever thought about writing a mission…

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Cardboard Surfboard


You’ve been following the Every Third Thursday series from Signal Snowboards, right? It’s been going on for four seasons now, and the creators say it’s “changed the culture at Signal,” in a really good way. Taking a day off work to pursue creative ideas, with permission from work, that’s like, the dream. With this cardboard…

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