Getting Close – Byron Bay Surf Festival 2014

Russell Ord Photography

Online voting for the Byron Bay Surf Festival shorts competition will end soon, because the festival is only five weeks away. In preparation, the folks down under have completed their second promo video, “Citizens of the Sea,” which checks in with master shaper Bob McTavish and what he’s looking forward to this year.    Filmed and edited by…

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Grain Surfboards Annual Re-Evolution Event


The Grain Surfboards annual Surf Re-Evolution event is coming up next Saturday, Sept. 27. It’s a full day of shaping demos, art, film premieres, live music out in York, Maine. It’s just beautiful out there this time of year, and there’s nothing better than 12 hours of surf-related activities and awesome people. If you’re nearby…

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Waste Not, Want Not


More from Vanessa Ratjen and her Awesome-istic interviews. Today, we bring you Anna M, a woman who refuses to take waste for an answer.Anna MBy Vanessa Ratjen Anna says she’s received more than half a million cigarette butts in the mail this year. Gross? Maybe a little. But that’s a couple hundred kilos diverted from landfills, and it’s…

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Vote Today to Help Scientists Map Reefs


Our friend and fellow filmmaker Cliff Kapono got in touch to share information about an epic research project he is about to embark on with his fellow surfer/scientist at UC San Diego, Clint Edwards. They are proposing a one year project to visually map the health of the reefs in five locations: Pipeline, Teahupoo, P-Pass, Cloudbreak,…

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First Solar-Powered Store


A couple of surfboard shapers from Canada are looking to take the next step with their brand Anian. They’re trying to open up a store to sell their wares, and while that’s a great next step for these entrepreneurs, the part that’s really cool is they want to make their store 100 percent off the…

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Switch-foot Volume 3


Andrew Crockett is about to embark on the third edition of a surf photography book he released nearly 10 years ago, back in 2005. Switch-foot has become iconic in the surfing world, with beautiful images and great little surf stories but it’s nearly impossible to get volume one, with volume two quickly becoming more difficult…

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Nature Connection will be the Next Big Human Trend

Scotland 009

Something is amiss and we can’t quite put our finger on what. It seems that the further our society progresses, the more disenfranchised we feel. The hyper-connectivity of social media (which has its own potential) leaves us cold and over-informed, saturated with unwanted information and more aware than ever of the injustices of the world.

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London Surf Film Fest Shorties


As part of the London Surf/FIlm Festival,  there is a short film contest open exclusively to British and Irish filmmakers – it’s about showcasing the wealth of creative talents locally. There are 18 films long-listed for one award, and voting is open to everyone worldwide. We picked out four of our favorites and have information about…

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