Happy Campers: Tom Petriken

tom petriken van life

This is the story of Big Red, an antique VW bus that helped Tom Petriken conquer a fear of driving, after he upgraded her from years of improper upkeep (someone actually let the poor thing sit idle for four years). It’s a story of traffic stalls, expensive repairs and DIY workmanship. And it has a…

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Friends Who Inspire


We previously featured photographer Chris Sembrot and his “Urban Surfers” series of photos. Well, now he has moved to video and is working on a new series, “Friends Who Inspire.” We caught up with him to find out a bit more about the transition to motion as well as his motivations for the new project….

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Running the Pacific Crest Trail


Joe McConaughy is currently running 45 miles per day for the next 20 or so days. He’s attempting to break the record for running the Pacific Crest Trail, to raise $30,000 in honor of his two-year-old cousin, Colin, who passed away from a rare brain cancer in January, 2012.  That’s a total of 2,600 miles,…

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16-year-old Exposes Politicians


Sometimes it just takes some fresh blood to stir things up. Take politics, for instance. VICE is reporting about a kid who created an app that exposes sell-out politicians. It’s a thing that we’ve known about for a long time, that politicians are bought, but Nick Rubin actually figured out a way to prove it….

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Carolina Surf Film Festival

South Carolina Surf Film Festival

It’s not everyday that a new surf film festival comes on the scene, but three friends in Charleston, South Carolina, are welcoming themselves into the fold this year. The Carolina Surf Film Festival hopes to highlight the local scene and the creative underground surfers who are lighting it up on small stages around the world….

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SoCal Slide

SoCal slide

Our friend Evan Adamson put together this fun clip with surfers Kameron Brown and Justin Quintal at one of So Cal’s favorite waves. SoCal Slide from indigo BEYOND on Vimeo.

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Auditorium with Zack Johnson

North Carolina

Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, is quite a place to live. At first, that seems true only because of the name, but at a closer look, it’s quite beautiful. Photographer Zack Johnson takes us there, with Explosions in the Sky as the perfect sonic backdrop. For more from Zack, follow his Highway 12 commute on…

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Rollers for Life


Honoring the old school and exploring why people dedicate their lives to the ride, this short documentary was shot and edited by Dylan Gordon for a photography class at the Brooks Institute of Photography back in the day. 

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