Protecting Our National Parks: A Perspective By Alex Honnold

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As we celebrate the National Parks’ 100 Year Anniversary, we should remember that these places need our protection. Just because Yosemite or Zion National Park are indeed protected as National Parks, the designation along does not mean we – those that revere and escape to these patches of nature – can just sit back and…

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The Whale That Washed Up At Trestles, Selfies and Ecology

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About three weeks ago a dead gray whale washed up at Trestles. The media and beach-goers swarmed, and the reports, speculations and articles closely followed. As surfers, the ocean is our sanctuary, one that breathes with life. Though, with every breathe of life, death follows at some point: natural and unnatural. While headlines speculate about…

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Terasu Presents: Jockey vs Thoroughbred // Cold Perfection In Ireland

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Jockey vs Thoroughbred | Cold Perfection in Ireland Words by, Noah Lane Photos by, Toby Butler Winter in Ireland is a waiting game. It’s easy to form a picture of cold perfection in your mind, but the reality is there’s a lot of sitting around twiddling your thumbs. Normally it’s waiting for gaps in the wind…

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Cyrus Sutton’s Van Life Part 2

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My Sprinter was a dream to drive but the living quarters were a problem. Things were always sliding around and it was hard to keep anything organized. I started building a list of features I wanted to put into my van. As the list grew I realized that I needed to remove everything and start…

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Cyrus Sutton’s Van Life / Part 1

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I first moved into a van 10 years ago. It was a practical decision. I’d been commissioned to make a 16mm surf documentary and failed to negotiate a living wage for myself during the three years it took to make it. This oversight had me surviving on cans of kidney beans and needing a rent-free…

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A Jay Nelson Surf Shack // An Indoek Feature

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“Nestled away in a remote and lush coastal nook of the Hawaiian island chain is the dream home of filmmaker Jess Bianchi and jewelry designer Malia Grace Mau, built by San Francisco based artist Jay Nelson.” Check out the full story, Surf Shacks 028 – Jess Bianchi, on Indoek   — Photography and interview by…

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Through The Eyes Of Author, Waterman, Surf Photographer, Nik West

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          An Interview With Mexico-Based Surf Photographer, Waterman, and Author, Nik West                 Korduroy.TV: Nick, can you tell us a little bit about your background, and what brought you to Sayulita? Nick: I was born in New Zealand and moved to Canada at 13…

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Two Surfers Riding Dirt Bikes From Chile to San Francisco

Photographer Tom Bing and Sally McGee, two surfers from the North East Coast of England, wanted explore the coastline of the Americas in search of waves and adventure so they embarked on a 15k mile journey from Chile to California by way of dirt roads and two dirt bikes. Tom explains, “We flew to Santiago…

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