Reduce and Reuse – DIY utensil kit


The folks over at the Blog made a rad little DIY utinsil kit. We thought this was another clever idea of another way to keep reducing your impact, simply by reducing wasteful mindless consumption. Small habits, big impact. Check it out: So often it’s convenience that drives us to make non-eco-friendly decisions. I believe…

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How to Afford Healthy Food


We all pretty much know that we should be eating organic produce, cutting down on dairy and meat consumption, and only buying as much food as we’re going to eat. But all of those things can be a lot easier said than done. Wikihow recently produced a nice checklist of ways to  eat healthy and…

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DIY Self-Watering Planter Bed

diy gardening

Here in California, we’re thirstier than ever. Our reservoirs are drying up and rainfall has his catastrophic lows. We’re doing our part to take shorter showers and wash dishes more consciously, but most of what drinks up the precious water that we have in our fine state is agriculture. This is a huge, possibly the…

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How to Camp in Eastern Sierra

How to Camp

For those of us who don’t make camping an everyday thing, annual trips are eagerly anticipated as a much-needed respite from hectic lives and crowded city streets. Every year for the last six years, Sean Collier and a rotating cast of buddies do just that. For a week in the summer, they skip town and…

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How to Make an Air Conditioner

diy air conditioner

As I write this, the creases behind my knee caps are dripping in sweat. My hair is pulled back high off my neck. The motor on my ceiling fans sounds exhausted. And this is only the beginning of the hottest months of the year here in San Diego. Like many of you, I don’t have…

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Backpacking Gear

backpacking gear

Camping is one thing, but backpacking is a whole other story. With only the gear that will fit on your back, and comfortable shoes, you’ll see some of the most isolated and serene places in the country. But you’ll need the right stuff. Gizmodo breaks it down perfectly, from sleeping bag to stove, boots, hat…

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How to Recycle Fins and Boards into Art

recycled surfboard art

Australian artist Zachary Bennett-Brook is inspired by his Indigenous heritage. Natives of most countries were historically closer to the land than we are today, and we could all stand to learn a thing or two from their traditions. Primarily, they didn’t have as many things as we do and they didn’t produce as much waste….

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How to Make an Outdoor Couch


We came across a photo of this outdoor couch on Instagram and got in touch with Cyrus Scammell to tell us how he did it. Try this out for a quick and easy seat for summer bbqs and other such outdoor hangouts. And tell us what projects you’re working on in the comments! 1. Acquire Pallets….

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