´╗┐Island Earth, a documentary film by Cyrus Sutton

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Island Earth, a documentary film by Cyrus Sutton   Island Earth Synopsis A rich and complex tale of a young indigenous scientist’s journey through the corn fields of GMO companies and loi patches of traditional Hawaiian elders reveals modern truths and ancient values that can save our food future. To feed all the humans on…

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On December 28th, President Obama announced the designation of Bears Ears National Monument in southeastern Utah and Gold Butte National Monument in southern Nevada. In doing so, the president has boldly protected two places of utmost culture, recreation and conservation value for future generations. The Bears Ears region has long faced aggressive attempts from oil…

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WHO is the Tiny Mess? As much a book as it is a way of life, The Tiny Mess is the handiwork of a trio of food-minded friends from Santa Barbara, California, all of whom live without the trappings of a traditional kitchen. They have spent the past two years rambling around the western United…

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What We Didn’t Know About The Refugee Crisis


A small team of filmmakers set out for Greece, documenting human stories from the frontlines of the European Refugee Crisis, focused on humanity and hope. The world was changing and we found ourselves at a crossroads in history, so we set out to help in the way that we knew best – with the telling,…

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What Happened At Standing Rock


The Dakota Access Pipeline has captured the hearts and minds of America for months, yet just last week a decision was made by the Army Core of Engineers to halt construction of the contentious stretch of pipeline slated to run under the Missouri River. This issue is far from simple with regards to the social,…

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How to become a surf guide for Airbnb


Earlier this week, The Interia published an article with the title, “Airbnb (literally) wants to make you a surf guide”. Obviously, I clicked the link and read with keen eyes. What I found was astonishing: Airbnb is developing a wing of their business called Trips, which creates opportunities for hosts to not only provide a…

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New Zealand Quake Reshapes Coastal Reefs


A recent earthrquake struck New Zealand’s beloved Kaikoura, a region known for it’s surfbreaks and pristine coastline. An article by the New Zealand Herold stated, “Stunned locals found that the sea bed had lifted by at least a metre after the quake, leaving the sea floor exposed and killing countless paua, crayfish and seaweed. It’s…

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How To Make Sense Of What Just Happened…


The New York Times has produced a short film that touches on some of the underlying, deeply rooted emotions and drivers that shaped the result of America’s Presidential Election of Donald J Trump. Like any good film, this short forces us to question the psychological landscape that transformed the election, caught us and the media…

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