How to become a surf guide for Airbnb


Earlier this week, The Interia published an article with the title, “Airbnb (literally) wants to make you a surf guide”. Obviously, I clicked the link and read with keen eyes. What I found was astonishing: Airbnb is developing a wing of their business called Trips, which creates opportunities for hosts to not only provide a…

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New Zealand Quake Reshapes Coastal Reefs


A recent earthrquake struck New Zealand’s beloved Kaikoura, a region known for it’s surfbreaks and pristine coastline. An article by the New Zealand Herold stated, “Stunned locals found that the sea bed had lifted by at least a metre after the quake, leaving the sea floor exposed and killing countless paua, crayfish and seaweed. It’s…

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How To Make Sense Of What Just Happened…


The New York Times has produced a short film that touches on some of the underlying, deeply rooted emotions and drivers that shaped the result of America’s Presidential Election of Donald J Trump. Like any good film, this short forces us to question the psychological landscape that transformed the election, caught us and the media…

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Bison Have Been Dubbed Our National Mammal: How Ironic


Earlier this Spring the Obama Administration proclaimed that from now moving forward the bison (Bison bison bison) will be known as America’s national mammal. While there is no doubt the bison is a fitting and frankly deserving mammal to receive such a distinction, it is fair to say that the reverence and distinction is one…

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Skateboarding Loses Dylan Rieder, A King Of Style


One of skateboarding’s golden sons, Dylan Rieder, has passed away at 28 after complications with cancer. He was one of the world’s most stylish, energetic and loved skateboarders, a true pillar of the community. If you haven’t had a chance to watch Dylan skate, grab a notepad and a pen – be prepared to take…

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…Lost + Pilgrim Surfboards Team Up On A Rad Board Collection


…Lost and Pilgrim Surf + Supply have collaborated on a special limited run of surfboards. Watch, learn and be mesmerized. …Lost + Pilgrim Quiver Killer featuring Chase Wilson from Pilgrim Surf + Supply on Vimeo. Here’s how it all went down:  Pilgrim owner and founder Chris Gentile interviews …Lost owner and founder Matt Biolos CG:…

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Ending Cycles Of Violence, One Wave At A Time


Over the past year, award-winning South African Surf Therapy organization Waves For Change has partnered with fine artist and photographer Jared Aufrichtig. Together with participants from Waves for Change Surf Therapy courses running in Cape Town’s most violent townships,  the team implemented numerous photography workshops to document life in the townships and how Waves For Change is…

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The Environmental Cost Of i-phones and ‘Green Tech’


There’s a sludge filled lake with innumerable tubes pumping black waste into its murky waters 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Much of the black coloration comes from the coal residue falling from the sky. If you look around this distopian wasteland, you’ll see the smokestacks of coal power plants in every direction….

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