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GENTEM | GENERATIONS from Terasu on Vimeo. *For English subtitles select CC option* “My father was a very active man. He took us to sea and mountains to have fun and that has influenced me a lot. My grandfather was a craftsman. He would return from hunting with birds or fish, and he’d teach us…

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Making It: Surf Sauna

surf sauna

Some time ago, friends and cold water surfers Tyler Sauter, Zak Robinson and Ross Beane decided they were tired of freezing their balls off after a winter session in New Hampshire. Never wanting to give up the surf, they innovated. Last year, they built the first Surf Sauna, a portable heated space made out of…

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Why Kyle Thiermann Might Be Surfing’s Most Valuable Ambassador


“As a curly-haired grom growing up in Santa Cruz, Kyle Thiermann boldly championed causes like campaign finance reform and Net Neutrality. While his close friends pitched in to support, the surf community wasn’t exactly rallying around him in force. Philanthropy isn’t always “hip.” Thiermann says he still gets harassed on occasion for rocking a wetsuit…

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When Dane Reynolds Rides An Alex Knost Single Fin…


Ever wonder what Dane Reynolds would surf like if he was born in the 60’s and could only ride classic surfboards with a single fin? Dream no further. Here’s a clip from back from 2012 when Dane decided to time travel and remind us why he was born in the wrong era. Enjoy! Birdwatching With…

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Meet Nate Ptacek

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Paddle to DC: A Quest for Clean Water from Nate Ptacek on Vimeo.   Can you give us a little introduction into who you are? My name is Nate Ptacek – I am a photographer, filmmaker, and wilderness canoeist originally hailing from the northern Great Lakes region of Wisconsin and Minnesota. I moved west to…

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Almond Surfboards Presents: STREAMLINE


Nathan Adams has a style and approach perfectly suited for the 6’6 Pleasant Pheasant and 9’9 Sano Special that pairs just about perfectly with a few good days of California surf from this fall and winter. Sit back, relax and enjoy the art of an Almond Surfboards surfing craft in its element. S t r…

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China Bans Domestic Ivory Trade


Last week China made headlines for announcing a policy shift that would the ban the domestic ivory trade, which will likely curb the tide of ivory that has fueled the largest ivory market on Earth, an economy that has helped drive a decline in African elephants that is plaguing a continent. A recent article by…

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The Packing List: Chris Burkard


For this feature, we’ve asked some well-known travelers what they’re packing when they’re getting out of town. These are the things they can’t leave home without. To start us off, photographer and world-traveler Chris Burkard lays down his “10 travel essentials.”  1. Big Agnes Stagecoach Waterproof Rolling Duffel This is the ultimate travel bag with its…

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