Korduroy Approved: Best of the Web April


Welcome to the beginning of May, the perfect chance to take a look back at all of the incredible surf videos that came online in April. This time of year also marks the beginning of surf film festival season so if you’re looking to take some of our video viewing offline, be sure to look… Read More

Natural Goods

wood surfboards documentary film

This short documentary, directed by Marco Mucig, is part of the Onde Nostre - Ritratti di Surf series that explores the lives of surfers, shapers, artists and other personalities related to Italian surf culture. “Natural Goods” tells the story of Luca Bressan, a designer who was born high up in the Dolomite Mountains, but always dreamt of riding the… Read More

Trouble in Paradise – Mentawai, Indonesia

Mentawai Indonesia palm oil

We posted this video by Matt Hannon on our Facebook earlier in the week, about oil companies capitalizing on indigenous lands in Indonesia, at the expense of the tribal people who live there. Based on the response we saw, we thought you’d appreciate some more information. When asked why Hannon decided to take on this… Read More

Longboarding in Spain

Longboarding in Spain 2

Longboarding is relatively new for Spain, and local filmmaker Jan Latussek says the scene that has evolved in recent years is as diverse as the cuisine and the people of the different Spanish regions. He’s started an online community, The Wavepeople, to gather all that diversity into one place, so Spanish longboarders and those just… Read More

Reel Talk: Eugenio Barcelloni

Eugenio Barcelloni Surf Bali

There’s a constant debate about surfing in third-world countries. Bringing tourism dollars is great but a lot of these countries lack such basic infrastructure that just beyond the beach lies vast wastelands. You’ve probably heard stories about the devastation in Bali, but this film by Eugenio Barcelloni gives an up-close-and-personal view of what’s going on… Read More

Reel Talk: Darius Devas

Ben Lee Darius Devas surf film

A new short by Darius Devas, WITHIN, recently launched and we got in touch with the filmmaker to see how he captured the waves at this incredible slow motion. WITHIN is the second part of a two-part project that came about when Devas’ friend took his life. The result is a beautiful exploration of what… Read More

Korduroy Approved: Best of the Web March

ellis ericson bali

In an effort to bring you top notch video content on a regular basis, we’re going to start a monthly roundup of what we consider the “best of the web.” This is round one. Got stuff you think we should consider for April’s roundup? Submit it to info [at] korduroy dot tv and we’ll check… Read More

Slackliners but not slackers


Nothing beats slacklining over the Northern California coast at sunset, right? Even if you’ve never considered it before, after watching this video you just might. Stay tuned after the clip for an interview with the filmmaker to learn everything you ever wanted to know about this relatively unknown outdoor activity, and also stick around for… Read More