Dane Reynolds Harvesting California


Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks, and what better way to harvest the day than to watch Dane Reynolds doing what he does best. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope ya’ll had a great day! BOILER BOYS from Marine Layer on Vimeo.

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Surfing Morocco

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Here’s surfer traveler and filmmaker Kepa Acero rendition of surfing Morocco. But don’t blink, if you do, he’ll be gone.

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Why your next adventure should be in Iceland


This is an incredible film that  captures the beautiful, raw, dynamic place that is Iceland. With seemingly more and more stories popping up illustrating the many reasons why Iceland should be your next destination, it goes without saying that this film will only add to the angst. Enjoy. Flying over Iceland (Part. II) from Yannick…

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Mavericks Is Alive And Well


With a string of swell qued up for the West Coast we’re in for a treat as sleeping giants once again wake up from their summertime slumber. Here’s California’s most celebrated giant rearing it’s head with the onset of another XXL winter.

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An Ode To The Surfer’s Journal By Patagonia


This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Surfer’s Journal, a publication dedicated to the culture of the glide, richness that is travel, and characters that define the fabric of the salty and sun-chapped surf community. Here’s a film that Patagonia created 5 years ago to celebrate the luminary and priceless work of the Surfer’s…

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A peak of Asher Pacey going through the motions. Enjoy! LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL ft. ASHER PACEY from Rhythm Livin on Vimeo.

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Chasing Wolverines With Help From Ultra-Runners


National Geographic: Wolverines were thought to have disappeared from Utah’s northeastern wilderness due to overhunting and trapping. But images from a 2014 camera trap show that this elusive carnivore may be returning to the area. A conservation group founded by National Geographic Emerging Explorer Gregg Treinish is recruiting ultra-runners to help with the exhaustive search…

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Hunting Wild Pigs Could Save Hawaii’s Coral Reefs


Patagonia Ambassador and big wave surfer, Kyle Thiermann, takes us on an adventure that binds hunting with conservation, a confluence of ideals that may bring us one step closer to saving Hawaii’s endangered coral reefs.

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