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Korduroy x Wegener Handplane

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We have teamed up with our friend, Jon Wegener, to build handplanes for optimum performance and durability. High grade paulownia wood is sealed with a natural coating derived from recycled whey protein¬†and fixed with a post-consumer, adjustable hand strap. Handplanes¬†can be used in a wide variety of waves with three models based on surfer’s local wave strength and size.

Double Plane – designed to excel in 1-4 waves, maximizing speed in smaller and mushier waves, it features two side-by-side concaves and hand straps allowing you ride with one hand or two. – 20 ” long x 10.5″ wide x 3/4″ thick

Fish Plane – made for 2-6 foot waves from rolling lines to hollow shore pound, it features a large but controllable planing surface providing speed and maneuverability. – 16″ long x 9 wide x 3/4″ thick

The Wood Chip – any experienced bodysurfer knows in serious surf, the average handplane is more trouble than it’s worth. It’s for this reason we created a powerful wave solution that is sleek and form fitting allowing for projection out of heaving tubes from 4-10 feet

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