Bob & Sink: The Trial and Error of Ryan Burch

Ryan Burch has been leading a new generation of surfer/shapers for a few years now. Perhaps never before in surfing history has a person evolved from conformist framework to so fully explore the full spectrum of wave riding design and performance.

Director Cyrus Sutton
Edit Chris Olivas
Camera James Campbell, Jack Chellemi, Ryan Lovelace, Jack Coleman, Erik Derman
Still Photos Rob Keaton
Music Rootbeer Sparkel, Allah-las, The Non
Special Thanks Spy & Volcom
  • Thomas Magnum

    While I of course have always ridden them, symmetrical boards with parabolic rails have never made sense to me from a hydrodynamic perspective. Weight distribution from heal to toe is so different. We have of course adapted our styles to compensate for that difference, but it makes just as much sense to adapt board design.

  • Erik Maki

    good human. neat brain.

  • wheels

    do Ryan’s boards have more control for him? i try new boards in search for more control. he is doing very similar turns on his tri fin asym as i do on my traditional thruster

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  • brian

    Pure Inspirational fodder! Its great to see something fresh. Fairplay lads