The Sprinter Camper

After 10 years of Van Life, Cyrus Sutton has created his best home on wheels yet.

Check out the step by step article and backstory on Reef’s blog: Part 1 Part 2.


    I just got a new Sprinter to replace the last one that I had for 11 years and 200k miles. I love them both. I use my sprinter as a work van but seriously considered keeping the old one for urban camping. I’m glad to see the van crowd catching on to these amazing vehicles.


    If you have an older sprinter (t1n series?) I would recommend ordering a replacement resonator (about $70) to keep in the van. The resonator will crack and the van will go into limp mode with a loss of power without showing a check engine light. The resonator can be easily changed in 15min with vise grips and a flat screwdriver. I replaced mine 3 or 4 times in 200,000 miles, it always happens at the worst time.