DIY Organic Sunblock

In this episode we teach you how to make your own high spf, water proof sunblock from organic and natural ingredients for pennies on the dollar compared to buying it off the shelf. Ingredients include- zinc oxide (sunblocking agent), coconut oil (soothes and conditions skin), bee’s wax (waterproofing agent), and tea tree oil (soothes and repairs skin and smells good too). Rub on and paddle out.

Camera Dan Llano
Edit Cyrus Sutton
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  • tdoakes

    I’m having trouble finding Bee’s Oil. What kind did you use and where did you find it?

  • Lisa O’Donnell

    Hi. I would recommend adding any essential oil after everything has been melted and is cooling down. Tea tree has a low flash point in the 130s (F) — heating it with the oils might just evaporate it away and then you’re left with no smell.