How to Make the Best Surfboard Rack for Under $10

Whether you live in a mansion, garage, van, or something in between, here’s an adaptable solution for safely storing your surfboards that is cheap and organizes you quiver.

For step-by-step instructions on making this surf rack, visit

Host Gregg Hayward
Camera/Edit Ian Kennelly
Music Wax Her Up by The Red Fox Tails
  • Jared Muscat

    actually built that this weekend for my new gun, super easy to do and cost effective for sure.

  • Jeffrey Hill

    Did this same thing last week but with a cleat… my ceiling is tall so I need the excess line to reach the damn ceiling then take in the slack by pulling the board up to the ceiling. My dad always did this in the basement with his surf and windsurfing stuff!

  • Marc Hoop

    Open up the eyebolt with the pliers, then you can slip the loop into the eyebolt. No carabiner needed.