How To Surf Ireland, Scotland and England

Here’s a peak at a wave rich landscape often overlooked. While we may have seen some of the gems Ireland has to offer the barrel hungry surfer, it turns out there’s a wave for everyone in the British Isles, Ireland and Scotland. Here’s an adventure that should inspire you to cancel you Indo surf trip…

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Offseason: A Ben Moon Film

Daniel Norris is living the dream, and he’s broken the mold. The mold I’m referencing is the one that professional athletes who don’t fit in the traditional “bins” of vagabond prone sports like surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, fly fishing, climbing etc. Daniel’s one of the wold’s best MLB pitchers who calls a yellow VW bus home…

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A 500 mile fossil free adventure to save Michigan’s upper peninsula

Discover the story of two Michigan natives + adventurers and their 500-mile, fossil-free journey across the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula along the route of Line 5, a 63-year-old pipeline that threatens our inland waters and Great Lakes. Through the lens of adventure, personal stories, and natural beauty, this film highlights the ecosystems and livelihoods that are…

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The Benefits of a University Exchange Program in New Zealand: Endless Surf

Three American students headed down to New Zealand on a university exchange in Dunedin, a plan that really just seemed like an excuse for student visa and a 4 month surf trip exploring all that this wave rich coastline had to offer. Filmmaker, Sam Snell teamed up with the crew to document the adventure of…

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The Recipe For An Epic Day

Ever considered the potential for an epic day? What would you do? Where would you go? And who would you bring? Look no further, Sherpas Cinema and The North Face teamed up for just this reason: to create the ultimate one day adventure. With any luck, this film will raise the bar of what’s possible…

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