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Mexi Log Fest

MXLF is a conscious, inclusive and fun event, with some of the best classic long boarders. Four days of surf, music, art and photography, local and international brands, and much more! Mark your calendars: The Classic Longboard Surf and Lifestyle Festival in Saladitas, Guerrero, Mexico May 4th to May 7th, 2017 64 competitors from around the…

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Texas Waters

Tommy Witt heard rumors of a never ending river wave, perfect for noseriding. He rallied some friends and made the trek to see first-hand what they hype was all about. This is Tommy Witt in Texas Waters. Texas Waters from on Vimeo.

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Aloha Spirit With Logmeisters: Hewitt, Cukr and Kennelly

Ezekiel Surf Club members Harrison Hewitt, Michael Cukr, and Kyle Kennelly spotted indications of some playful swell headed towards Hawaii, and hopped over to the beautiful islands to catch some lovely late season surf. There was no shortage of good times, from shore to shore these gentlemen caravanned around in a VW campervan pulling off…

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Interview With Terasu Creative Director, Max Houtzager

Terasu is a lifestyle brand rooted at “a cultural cornerstone for surf, bike, and snow; for creative expression, gastronomy, and well-being; for those who seek wherever it may be found.”   About Max Houtzager (right), founder and creative director of Terasu: Max has his Marin (just north of San Francisco) roots to thank for his immersion in…

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Kepa Acero: Homecoming

In Kepa’s latest short film, Homecoming, he reflects on the beauty of traveling and the rich experiences born from his adventures across the globe and among many cultures. He so eloquently explains, “In the end, I would say that traveling not only broadens our horizons but allows us to be grateful for them.” Kepa Acero…

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