How Nature Benefits Our Brain

It’s no secret that a day spent outside has innumerable benefits to our mental and physical state; that’s part of the reason why we surf – for that feeling we get after a day in the water. While, a good wave, sunny day or evening session with your buddies certainly makes that water time all…

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stephen krawiec surf photography

Auditorium with Stephen Krawiec

Stephen Krawiec comes to us like many others after teaching himself how to photograph. Learning how to do something on your own, though it happens all the time, is no small feat and his light work is stunning. He calls himself an all around “adventure photographer” and while most of these images focus on surf,…

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Get Outside, the Possibilities are Endless

There’s a million ways to enjoy the great outdoors. The following videos are proof that the possibilities are, well… Endless! Featured image by Sean Collier

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Iceland Greenland

Filmmaker James Aiken on the Making of His Latest Short “Home Ground”

James Aiken is a filmmaker who’s looking to explore the connection between humanity and nature, specifically by spending time with people who live quietly in tune with their naturally surroundings. Perhaps no two places are more natural and isolated than Iceland and Greenland. He’s been investigating these lands through personal projects and he just finished…

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DIY camping grill

DIY Camping Grill

Next time you head out on an outdoor adventure, consider some different food options for your trip using a grill. Yes, a grill! We came across this article in Wired Magazine of an ingenious low profile grill that can pack up in your backpack, taking up minimal space and requiring zero tools for set up….

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