Portugese Reflections with Tia Blanco, Mitch Crews and Friends

In the latest installment of Reef’s Just Passing Through, ambassadors Mike Lay, Mitch Crews, Evan Geiselman, Paige Maddison, Victoria Vergara and Tia Blanco get lost in translation as they explore new coasts from Lisbon to Berlengas. Diverse in their personalities and passions, they all find solace in just passing through the open-ended adventure of the…

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Just Passing Through Russia With Cyrus Sutton, Anna Ehrgott and Dylan Gordon

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French Beachies and Portuguese Slabs

Yet another reason why Europe should be your next surf trip. Episode 7 of #justpassingthrough jumps from reef slabs in Portugal to throaty beach breaks in France, where Mitch Crews and Evan Geiselman join forces with fellow Reef Ambassadors Kai Otton, Mick Fanning and Roby D’Amico. The ensuing hunt for those elusive sandbars has its…

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The Sprinter Camper

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Cyrus Sutton’s Van Life / Part 1

I first moved into a van 10 years ago. It was a practical decision. I’d been commissioned to make a 16mm surf documentary and failed to negotiate a living wage for myself during the three years it took to make it. This oversight had me surviving on cans of kidney beans and needing a rent-free…

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