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The Benefits of a University Exchange Program in New Zealand: Endless Surf

Three American students headed down to New Zealand on a university exchange in Dunedin, a plan that really just seemed like an excuse for student visa and a 4 month surf trip exploring all that this wave rich coastline had to offer. Filmmaker, Sam Snell teamed up with the crew to document the adventure of…

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In search of desert waves by truck, sea kayak and surfboard

There’s a lust for adventure that seems to bubble up each summer as South swells light up some of our favorite southern hemi spots. Often times, the only thing between us and those empty desert point breaks is a few hundred miles worth of dusty roads, cacti, yucca, cold beers and fish tacos. While we…

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Dusty Payne, Balaram Stack and Pat Schmidt Harvesting Winter Surf In The Frigid Northeast

Filmmaker, Corey Frank, recently sat down with Korduroy producer, Charles Post, to tell us about a winter adventure that will go down as one for the books. A stellar crew including Pat Schmidt, Balaram Stack and Dusty Payne piled into a van and hit the road North towards the slabby and snow-kissed shores of the…

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A Big Backyard

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Friends in High Places

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