When Dane Reynolds Rides An Alex Knost Single Fin…

Ever wonder what Dane Reynolds would surf like if he was born in the 60’s and could only ride classic surfboards with a single fin? Dream no further. Here’s a clip from back from 2012 when Dane decided to time travel and remind us why he was born in the wrong era. Enjoy! Birdwatching With…

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Mexi Log Fest

MXLF is a conscious, inclusive and fun event, with some of the best classic long boarders. Four days of surf, music, art and photography, local and international brands, and much more! Mark your calendars: The Classic Longboard Surf and Lifestyle FestivalĀ in Saladitas, Guerrero, Mexico May 4th to May 7th, 2017 64 competitors from around the…

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Sunday + Sliding

Logging some Sunday single fin time with an all star crew of wave riders. SUNDAY from James smith on Vimeo.

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Super 8 Sessions with Tommy Witt

Filmmaker Tatsuo Takei returns to surf filmmaking’s roots by capturing underground logger Tommy Witt in Central America with his Super 8mm film camera. Takei’s approach to filmmaking is rooted in a timeless vision to create films that blend effortlessly with the waverider and sea on which they slide. Enjoy. TOMMY WITT: Super 8 Sessions from…

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Single Finning and Shredding // San O

Christian Wach//Corey Colapinto//Tommy Witt from Birdman Media on Vimeo. An evening a few nights ago, Birdman Media met up with Tommy Witt to film for the evening, but ended up filming Corey Colapinto and Christian Wach while they shredded the surf at San Onofre State Beach.

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