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How Surfing Can Save Lives

Most of us probably take surfing for granted: we’ve got our quiver, stash of boardshorts or wetsuits, crew and favorite home break – what more could you need? Unfortunately, for those that are down and out, cornered by economic barriers, political turmoil, or lack of resources, the need for a transformative opportunity is everything; and…

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Leah Dawson Sliding, Singing and Living Well

A student of the sea, Leah Dawson’s beautiful approach to surfing, song, life and the moments in between will leave you, with eyes cast seaward, in a blissful state. Enjoy. LUNAR from BLOCK10 on Vimeo. ONDE NOSTRE in collaboration with SEEA present Leah Dawson sliding, singing and performing in LUNAR. Seeababe Leah is balanced by…

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What will 10,000 people get you? If you’re San Miguel in Baja, California, Mexico, it will get you your first ever state park next to one of the most intact watersheds in the region. Are you one person? Then you might consider adding your name to this list. To give you a few reasons why…

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The Sea, My Soul

Stephen Jones has been working on “El Mar, Mi Alma” for a few years now. That’s not unusual for filmmakers, but we’ve seen the clips and have been waiting so patiently to release it, and it’s finally here. We have a few clips to share, along with an interview with Jones to get an idea…

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Growing by Fergal Smith

Have you been watching this series from Line 9 and Fergal Smith called “Growing”? It’s pretty much everything we are thinking about right now — farming and surfing. And it’s pretty epic. If you haven’t been keeping up or aren’t familiar at all, you should really watch from the beginning. The latest episode, #13 (!)…

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