35 Seconds

As we know, Haiti was devastated by the earthquake that hit on January 12, 2010. People from all around the world stepped up and came to aid in rebuilding and cleaning up the country. However, much like many disasters in our world, the relief only lasted for a short while until new news came out and then Haiti seemed to be forgotten. It was overtaken by new “trending topics” and much of the relief disappeared.

Filmmaker Dustin Miller (director of Picaresque and Dane Reynold’s new film, Thrills, Spills, and What Not) and Eric Hires felts like they needed to do something. So they headed to Haiti and created a 13 minute film called 35 Seconds. This thirteen-minute documentary tells the story of a mother who held on to her daughter so tightly that she tore her clothes, an uncle who returned home to find his nephew dead, a man who saw “buildings dancing” and then fall flat, and a woman who was trapped for two days with five of her friends and was the only one to make it out alive. It tells the story of a young man who lost his penis, a mother who did not put her baby down for a nap that afternoon, and a little girl trapped under her house for four days.

Read more about this film at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/andy-stepanian/35-seconds_b_744811.html

For more info on Dustin and Eric’s production company, visit http://www.fleshprofitsnothing.com/

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