4 Cliffs // My Road Series with Nic von Rupp


Chasing waves off the beaten path, often in cold, remote and rugged places, is precisely where Nic von Rupp thrives and has spent the last two winters immersed while crafting his latest film, Four Cliffs.

Four Cliffs | My Road Series Vol.IV from Nic von Rupp on Vimeo.

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Korduroy.TV producer, Charles Post, sat down with Nic to get a closer look at the moments that made Four Cliffs.

Nic explains, “We put a lot of effort to film Four Cliffs, it took us two full winters.. we went all over Europe to try to score some of the best waves, most of the times getting skunked..You know how it is chasing swells, you got expectations but nature doesn’t collaborate most of the times.. Specially in places far north that are just extremely fickle with swell direction, wind and tides. but when the right ingredients did come together we scored!”

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Korduroy: Of all the waves and sessions, which one stands out and why?

Nic: Maybe the section at the end, all the waves at home in Portugal. Portugal is a tricky place, either you do the trip of a lifetime or you just get completely skunked.. It just feels good to see your homes spot doing  its best impression and being compared to world class waves.

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Korduroy: What’s it like taking a fall at Mullaghmore, on a cold, heaving day? How do you prepare for that – physically, mentally?

Nic: That session at mully was rough, it was suppose to be a full tow in day.. but Tom Lowe that runs the show out there just made the call we should all paddle. Its funny, the night before Tom was telling me all these stories about getting pounded at mully, its such a strong wave yet so shallow.. I hadn’t really experienced any really heavy wipe outs out there before until that day. Next morning, first wave i went for this steep 20ft and just airdropped all the way to the bottom, landed and then got eaten by the mass of water. I absolutely got pounded, hit the reef with my legs and the wave was so powerful  it tore my knee ligament..

I was so buzzed on adrenaline that i just kept surfing.

Korduroy: So, what’s next?

Nic: I don’t know, I like being spontaneous. Wanna chase some swells in the South Pacific maybe?

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(Photos by Carlos Pinto)



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