48 Hour Window

Mikey DeTemple and Alek Parker recently caught a fun little swell all alone in Montauk. Filmmaker/photographer Ryan Struck and Mikey’s girlfriend were there to capture some footage along with Nick LaVecchia shooting stills.

Words by Mikey DeTemple

It’s pretty hard to talk two of your closest friends to travel 5 hours for 2-3 foot surf. Especially after the lackluster winter the North East has had. Nick was going to drive from his homebase in Yorke, ME and Alek, flying from FL. 

I saw the crummy little swell on the long range forecast and was really trying to hype it up them.  It’s going to be so fun!  The water
is already warm!! (46 degrees) I didn’t really give a shit if we got waves, I just wanted my friends to come up and hang.  Alek and I have been good friends for nearly 10 years and roommates for 2 of those. Nick and I have gone on countless trips together and have had more fun laughing at dumb jokes than scoring surf in his backyard of Maine. Nick and Alek didn’t decide to come until the day before the little dribble was supposed to hit.  I think my selling point was, It’s NYC – we’re going to have fun no matter what!

Living in NYC you really have to work for it. It’s great though. I love that.  It’s not right at the end of the road and it’s always changing.  You appreciate it more.  And in a way, you can make a lousy 2-3 foot wind swell an adventure.

That afternoon, we hopped in my truck to surf long beach.  Forty-five minutes from my apartment in Brooklyn we were at the beach.  Grey, drizzly, glassy gutless surf.  Exactly what I expected.  Suckers. Back to Brooklyn for dinner and a 2.5 hour drive out east in the middle of the night.  “It’s definitely going to be like, 4x’s this size out east.”  That was my call, in a half joking / half serious mannor.

Bake Shoppe at sunrise for the best egg on a roll in all of friggen Long Island and off to check 30 different spots to see if we were going surfing.  Everywhere looked like junk.  I blew it. We hopped on the beach in my truck and just started driving hoping to find a little peak we could fake something on.  We found it, and it sucked.  Side shore wind howling, cloudy and grey on the forecasted offshore and sunny day.

We were all alone on a stretch of beach, parked in the sand – surfboards everywhere, just hanging out.  Instead of packing up, driving around and heading back to the city we were just going to post up.  The sun started to poke through and wind started to swing more out of the North.  From that point it was like a switch was flicked. The surf had picked up a few feet more feet, the front blew over and it warmed up.  Totally different day.  We surfed for 3 hours.  Just Alek and I.  It was unreal.  It was huge, it wasn’t that perfect, but we had no expectations.  Driving down the beach and posting up at a little peak we’ve never surfed before.  The weather and surf changing so drastically.  Sometimes you can find an adventure closer than you think.

Photos by Nick LaVecchia. Featured image by Mikey DeTemple.

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