4th Annual Aotearoa Surf Film Festival 2016 – Call for Film Submissions






Every year in March as the New Zealand summer fades and the storm season approaches, the O’Neill Aotearoa Surf Film Festival has become an annual celebration of surf culture. In order to keep surfers happy across our small coastal communities, we are pleased to announce the launch of the fourth annual O’Neill Aotearoa Surf Film Festival for 2016 with an open call for film submissions to New Zealand and global surf filmmakers.


The fourth annual ASFF event will commence on February 25th and run through March 2016. In true kiwi style, ASFF takes a curated selection of international surf feature films, documentaries and short films on a summer roadtrip to coastal towns celebrating the best of surf culture, surf cinema and our connection with the environment.


“Its hard to believe that ASFF is now coming into its fourth year. With the support of O’Neill and our other festival partners we are pleased to continue providing a platform for filmmakers to showcase their creative vision, surfers to show their skills and an annual event for our loyal audience who come out year after year for their annual dose of stoke on the big screen”. Says festival director Nick Stevenson. “Each year the film submissions have got better and better, both in quality of filming and surfing. The screening panel always has a really difficult time cutting the films down to make the festival programming, taking only the very best films. Over the years we have seen some incredible and unexpected stories featured and of course plenty of exceptional surfing. Films that surprise and showcase diversity in our sport is what has been a key driver for the continued audience and filmmaker support that ASFF receives each year”.


For 2016 the ASFF team have decided to freshen up the festival format by making the festival competition for short films only. Feature films will still be a core part of the festival, and a small selection of the best feature films have been selected by invitation only.


“Each year we like to innovate and add in new elements to the festival. By making the film competition short film only for this year, it creates an even playing field for both amateur and professional surf filmmakers to see what can be achieved in the short format”. Says festival director Nick Stevenson. “We also welcome back our original screening panel members who have been with us from day one, ex NZ Surfing Magazine editor and legendary photographer Craig Levers (@photocpl), surf industry legend Gavin Bisman (@surfraconteur) and the addition of super talented photographer Richard Hodder (@inthedrink) into the fold. We wish all film submissions the best of luck, we look forward to seeing your films!

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We have officially opened up the call for short film submissions to the festival and we encourage surf filmmakers from around the world to enter the festival competition. Submissions are now open through till Friday, February 5th, 2016. So get your film in today!


Please visit www.asff.co.nz for all entry details.


For 2016 ASFF has changed up the format with the film competition being only for short films.  A small selection of feature films has been hand-selected that will be showcased as part of the festival. but the film competition provides a unique platform for both amateur and professional filmmakers to showcase their talent in short form content. Feature films already selected will be announced in the coming weeks. A $2,000 prize pool for filmmakers will be up for grabs. Helping support New Zealand surf filmmakers will see the “Best NZ made film” category up for grabs again, with the winner taking away $1,000 cash and prize pack.

Submitted films will be judged by the festival screening panel consisting of Craig Levers (@photocpl), Gavin Bisman (@surfraconteur) and Richard Hodder (@inthedrink).

In the mean time check out the ASFF Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up to date on all festival announcements. Festival partners and tour locations will be announced very soon.


Web: asff.co.nz

Email: info@asff.co.nz





About the O’Neill Aotearoa Surf Film Festival (ASFF)

The O’Neill Aotearoa Surf Film Festival is the first dedicated surf film competition in New Zealand to be held annually in February and March 2016. Continuing in its fourth year, this 6 week festival will run in true kiwi style, taking a curated selection of international surf feature films, documentaries and short films on a summer roadtrip to coastal towns celebrating the best of surf culture, surf cinema and our connection with the environment. For more information on the Aotearoa Surf Film Festival please visit www.asff.co.nz


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