Grian surfboards event in Maine

The Re-Evolution of John Brodie

Three days in, I put down my camera. Not because it was out of battery or because of a lens drenched in cedar. I put it down because I felt at home. We all shared a feeling of warmth and rejuvenation on the Grain Surfboards farm that balmy September night. The days leading up to…

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nordic surf

Frontier Stories #2: New Year’s Day

This memory comes to us from John Brodie, who is currently on the North Pole.

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Future of Making Things Better

Make Things Better “The future is working together. Businesses all over the world can work with guys like us to make their waste go away.” – Ed Lewis Ed Lewis flings open his shaping bay door and nearly sideswipes the back of my head as I was standing a bit too close. He walks across…

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As soon as Karl stepped out of the car, a serious decision had to be made. The Cornish sun played her hand and kindly required that we solve this before nightfall. Well, if we wanted to get in the water.

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Welcome to Sweden

Camilo began to tell stories of the island; the numb Baltic sea brushing up against the shore building walls of ice as tall as a fishing boat. The one-way road wraps around a pond- a cracked mirror to the pine trees above. Herds of drunken moose call this bitter place home. If we were to roll down the windows we’d hear an echo of fermented apples splitting between their teeth.

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Grain Surfboards Annual Re-Evolution Event

The Grain Surfboards annual Surf Re-Evolution event is coming up next Saturday, Sept. 27. It’s a full day of shaping demos, art, film premieres, live music out in York, Maine. It’s just beautiful out there this time of year, and there’s nothing better than 12 hours of surf-related activities and awesome people. If you’re nearby…

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