A Conversation With The Wilderness // If you’re in San Francisco, Stop by!

Conversation With The Wilderness

This Sunday, Korduroy.TV producer and tribe member, Charles Post, will be showing a selection of his work alongside photographers Chris Burkard and Meg Haywood Sullivan in a show titled “A Conversation With The Wilderness“.

This event is being produced by Terasu and will be held at The Clementia in San Francisco on 12/20/2015 from 6-10pm. See you there!


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As visitors to these landscapes, we are left with the opportunity to leave a mark, and we hope our work and this show inspires a conversation about how we can leave a mark of stewardship on the wild corners we escape to. With the digital age, our forests, mountains, rivers and grasslands have become a center of social attention, a trend that has brought more boots on our trails. As stewards, let’s lead by example and celebrate a relationship built upon a foundation of reverence, not likes, miles driven or even days hiked.

See you at the show

For more information, visit Conversation With The Wilderness

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