A Kyle Kennelly Perspective: Daydream Surf Shop + Community Building + Three Favorite Surfboards

Korduroy.TV recently sat down with Kyle Kennelly to hear about his new Costa Mesa, California surf shop, Daydream Surf, and hear his perspective on surfing, community building and the nuts and bolts of his favorite shred vehicles.

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  • Korduroy:First of all, congrats on the opening of your new aquarian surfer’s club house, Daydream Surf Shop! That’s epic. Love the description and story you crafted on your website. Can you tell us a little bit about how this came about, and what lead you up to the moment?


  • Kyle: Thank you! Becca and I have been developing this for a while now, we’ve been living in the Bay Area over the last five years and we’re jazzed to move back down to Southern California. Its where we grew up, its where we fell in love, its where all of our longtime friends live, and there’s this connection to nostalgia that’s irrationally quantifiable yet so influential. That being said, there are a lot of urban customs, amenities, and cultural differences that we love about San Francisco and have grown accustom to. The attitudes towards promoting experimentalism and open mindedness, a heterogeneous surf culture with access to amazing alternative surfboards, access to the pinnacle of specialty coffee roasters, not to mention the melting pot of talented young artists across diverse mediums… these aspects of the city have impacted us greatly and we are delighted to integrate these influences into our entrepreneurial endeavor, Daydream. On a similar conceptual level, we really value the craftsmanship behind quality goods but more importantly understand the positive externalities that exist from connecting with these intentions; in a way, creativity begets creativity and we are just as satisfied with people walking away ideas rather than products.


  • Korduroy: Being a cultivator of synergistic and grounding spaces (i.e., Daydream Surf Shop), can you offer 5 aspects of the space that you’re most excited about and or feel are vital to creating a community hub?


  • Kyle: Delightfully, these are my favorite aspects of Daydream! I should probably go over some of the basics about the shop first, we are going to be serving some of San Francisco’s most credible coffee roasters from Sightglass, we are going to be supplying Costa Mesa with custom tailored wetsuits, we’ll offer a plethora of elevating home goods, our collection of vintage clothing, and perhaps my most favorite aspect, a member based surf club. I can’t think of a better way to build a community other than curating a communal quiver to help members of our surf club to expand their perceptions toward a creative form of self expression. The entire experience is intended to be a cultural shift on the traditional shop experience, our goal is to develop longterm relationships with our customers, we want them to stop by for their morning cup of coffee discuss how their vibes might be pairing with the conditions or intentions for the day, and help them tap into themselves through the medium of wave riding. Again, it all traces back to helping others aid in the creative process, there are so many people out there that have ridden only a few different styles of boards their entire life, and thats totally cool if that fits their vibe but a lot of folks have so much yet to experience in terms for finding themselves though surfing, the path of the least internal resistance. Its wild to watch someone make that quantum leap into a new part of themselves and providing people with other avenues to explore a unique interpretation of mother ocean’s energy really elevates my vibes as well.

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  • Korduroy: You’re also an incredible surfer. Can you share you background with us: Where’d you grow up and fine tune your wave riding?


  • Kyle: I’ve always been bad at answering questions like these, to be honest, I don’t know where I consider myself to have “grown up.” I moved around a lot when I was a kid, I don’t know if I’m from Corona Del Mar, or Newport, or Huntington Beach but I spent really impactful years in all of those locations between the ages of 5 and 20. I still feel like I’m growing up especially in terms of fine tuning my wave riding. I feel like the more you learn the less you realize you know. Geographically, I grew up surfing Blackies in Newport from about 8-10, I remember being the first kid in the parking lot every morning before school along with this kid Robbie, we were both uncontrollably stoked out of our minds, I had this seven foot “longboard” that was such a blast. I moved to Huntington and started shortboarding a lot more and met some amazing folks through the whole process of competitive surfing, many of which I am still extremely close with today. I began experimenting with different equipment as a teenager but primarily rode shortboards. I moved out on my own to Costa Mesa and then Newport and randomly had access to some really unique stuff that would come through my buddy Andrew’s house. I think the first displacement hull I ever rode was one that Alex Kopps left in a board bag on the side of Droid’s yard. I think my “grown up” years influenced my wave riding much more strongly actually.
 — A Jack Coleman short featuring Kyle Kennelly surfing a quasi-finless displacement hull.

Two plus none with Jack Coleman from EZEKIEL on Vimeo.
  • Korduroy: I read your latest blog post, Small Is Beautiful, which stirred up this question: What inspires your surfing and relationship with the sea?


  • Kyle: I wish this was going down an ecological stewardship route but sadly its far from that… well I guess it’s far from everything. I feel like the sea is our own sliver of the cosmos within Earth. Its this deep, dark, mysterious volume that interacts with our moon, sun, and orbit. The metaphysical bond that I feel to the sea is more powerful than any other relationship I can describe, it elevates my energy, it allows my mind to go on auto-pilot for a brief moment, it connects me to others on a daily basis, it keeps me healthy and flexible. There’s nothing I can do to repay the sea but I can try to keep it clean and safe wherever possible.


  • Korduroy: What are you three favorite surfboards at the moment (make, style, size), what kind of waves do they best ride?


  • Kyle: Oh man, just three, that’s tough… I have a 9’6″ Gato Heroi Playboy that really blows my mind, I’ve never ridden a log that can trim as fast as this board, definitely a double black diamond board but those are the most fun. I just recently picked up a 6’9″ Greenough/Andreini Edge Board collaboration that I’m really stoked on, Marc Andreini and Greenough have been pumping out some really incredible design recently and it’s been a ball being their test dummy for all this jazz. I can’t leave out my trusty 6’4″ Campbell Brothers Russ Short, these boards are such an enlightening cross between shortboarding and surfing single fins, it’s really unique how well they hold through turns!
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