A Look At Trestles – A Short By Erik Derman

People are what make up a place and an event. Everyone has their own look, their own story, and their own way of doing things. Utilizing a portrait style of shooting, Korduroy’s Erik Derman gives us an outsiders look into the scene at the 2011 Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles.

Below is a quick interview with Erik to get some insight into this new project he has taken on:

Tell us a little about your project. How did it come about?

Just being interested in humanity. Humans…there are some classic humans out there. And everyone has a story. On some recent travels, I’ve been getting portrait style video. Pushing in and focusing on the crispness of the person’s pupil to try and tell a story through my subject’s eyes.

Where have you shot so far?

I started in Puerto Escondido, cruising through town with Derek Dunfee, finding interesting characters. He was shooting stills and I was shooting video. The outcome was great and it really inspired me to go on another path. So far I have shot in downtown San Diego, Nicaragua, Mexico and Panama.

How have people’s reactions been to the camera? Did this generally change from location to location?

Some people are shy, some people love it and others hate it. It just depends on the person I guess. There is a wall people put up, out in public. It’s weird. So breaking that wall for that moment to capture their story within a few seconds, that’s the goal… Some people had heavy stories to share others were just day to day living.

What makes you decide to shoot with somebody?

I just see people I find interesting, some have unique features, I don’t know…

What has doing these video portraits taught you about the general vibe of each place you’ve shot?

This has taught me to put my guard down and project relaxation and happiness. Some of the areas are pretty sketchy for cameras. I just try to put myself into funny scenarios and be comfortable with the worst that could happen. I’ve approached a couple heavy gang members or banditos with my camera hanging out like some kooky tourist and more often than not they turn out to be really nice people. And I haven’t lost my camera yet so it’s all good.

A Short By:
Erik Derman

“In A Tin Flask”
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