A Shared Moment with Israel Preciado

This documentary film is the first in a series of Quality Peoples short films that take a brief glimpse into the lives of their collaborators and inspirations. Israel Preciado is a longboarder from Mexico and the unofficial Mayor of Sayulita. You might know Izzy as the face of QP, he’s the stoic guy in all the photos. Antithetical to the image the brand has created of him, Izzy is actually one of the kindest, funniest, most unassuming guys you’ll meet in the lineup. Izzy’s quiver runs deep and in this short film we spend a few shared moments with him as he talks about his childhood, his favorite spots, slowing things down, the art of small wave riding, traveling, learning to surf and the act of surfing as both sport and meditation. With a special appearance by Lola Mignot.

This short documentary was filmed, directed and edited by the folks at Quality Peoples. They hope you enjoy.

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