A Skateboard Without Wheels

Who says a skateboard has to have wheels? Certainly not Ooloo founder Erik Johnson. He’s developed a rocking footrest that uses a skateboard deck on top of some half-moon plastic to address the nasty problem of sitting way more than the human body should. 

What’s also cool is that he’s partnered with different artists to create a variety of different designs for the decks, so you can protect your posture and maintain your energy in style. For the “Waves” model, designed by German artist Stephan Trischler, he’s working with Surfrider Foundation to donate a portion of the proceeds to wave-related projects. 

Get the specs on why this board is good for you, and consider making a donation that will get you a board for yourself on the Kickstarter page here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ooloo/ooloo-an-ergonomic-footrest


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