Acid Issue 2: A Board Made with Jute Fiber

Acid is a humble and exploratory publication with surfing as an entry point, made to make you marvel and want to get in the water. Issue 2 will treat you with an extensive look at Gotland, the Hawaii of the Baltic Sea; a trip underwater to discover artificial reefs; a tale of survival attempts in tropical and polar waters; an examination of the relationship between surfing and coastal developments; an exploration of Ireland by bike; a considerable amount of surf-appetite-whetting photography; and a balsa sculpture of a surfer in a fur coat. Here’s a sneak peek at one article.

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A Board Made with Jute Fiber

In 2013, Joran Briand found himself involved in an industrial design project to help demonstrating the possible uses of jute fiber produced in Bangladesh, eventually building a stool with it. As it turns out, the qualities of the material are such that it can replace fiberglass in surfboard building. It’s lighter, brown, degradable and cheaper to produce. So Joran built a board with it, which was already somewhat noteworthy. The detail that tipped us over, though, was the embroidering of the fiber—a gesture so exquisitely simple and refined it calls for amazement over the smart use of processes and materials. Meet the Gold of Bengal, 165 x 52 x 6 cm.




“The point with the board was to create a manifesto for the material. First off, we wanted to show the mechanical qualities of jute fiber in a shaping context and, second, experiment with embroidering. In this case the pattern we chose is aesthetically driven, but I’d like to use the technique to try and improve the structural benefits from weaving the fiber.”

“Early on we thought of using toasted bread instead of foam because it’s light and stiff but it got a bit soft whenever it’d get wet. So the board uses a traditional blank, but we’ll see what we work with for the next—hopefully something more sustainable.”

Embroidering: Marie-Charlotte Marlot

Photos: Cyrille Weiner

Acid Magazine Jute Fiber Surfboard

Acid Magazine Jute Fiber Surfboard


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