Aloha Sunday Supply Company

A new surf-inspired boutique, Aloha Sunday Supply Company, is opening up in North Park, San Diego this weekend. We caught up with owner Kahana Kalama to find out a bit about the inspiration behind the shop and the unique build-out that involved a community of friends, family, and recycled wood…(shop opens today with a Grand Opening Party – see flier below)

“Growing up in Hawaii I was enthralled by the commonly used phrase “Aloha Friday,” which is basically a celebration of the end of the work week. As a play on this concept, I’m calling the shop Aloha Sunday… a challenge and encouragement to live passionately and in a way that allows you to look forward to the start of the week.”

“A few months back I took a trip surf trip up to Oregon to pick up some old barn-wood to build out a lot of our shop fixtures. I was pretty inspired not only by the sheer beauty of the place, but the resourcefulness of so many of the people I came across. It seems like everyone I talked to up there pretty much built there own house, fixed their own cars, and made due with what they had. It really inspired me and set off this whole project on the course we are on now.”

“The entire shop is built out of salvaged materials and reclaimed wood. That barnwood we picked up in Oregon serves as the backdrop to our store. The rest of the shop fixtures utilize retired scaffolding wood. Aside from the materials used, it really has been the crazy community of friends that have come together to donate time and labor to really make this space what it is.”

“The labels you’ll find in Aloha Sunday Supply Company don’t really fit the typical surf shop model… Brands like Yacht Club by Ty Wiliams, TCSS, ZAK, Indsutry of All Nations, Shwood Sunglasses and Onia Swimwear are all brands that inspire me because of their approach to creating integrity driven product. Boards by Josh Oldenberg, Canvas, and Marcio Zouivi, and wetsuits from Matuse and Amsterdam will also help round out our collection of surf craft.”

Words by owner Kahana Kalama

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