American Cancer


By David Hornblend

In the United States we believe our social contract is in our best interest. Study hard, work hard, and reap the rewards of your labor. We also have systems in place to ensure our well being. If we get sick, we go to the doctor. If we can’t afford groceries, we apply for government assistance. Simple enough, right?

How many of you know a person who has fought cancer? My great aunt recently died of cancer. She lived a full life, and was a real nice lady, too. She died less than a week after her diagnosis.

The American Medical Association allows three treatments for any kind of cancer: surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Each treatment is expensive and harmful to the body. If you receive treatment, the best case scenario is that you leave the hospital, weighing slightly less, and return for regular screenings. The worst case scenario is that the treatment kills you. That’s right. The treatment that is meant to kill the cancer, kills the patient instead (Gerson Miracle). How can that be? And, why would anyone voluntarily undergo a treatment that could kill them? The answer is simple: Hope is the last thing to leave Pandora’s box. Forget about the costs, the risks, and how it will effect your family. You want to live right? Well, the American Medical Association says that this is your only chance to live. So you sign the papers, and hope for the best.

It’s too bad there are no other options.

Well, it turns out there actually are. And, one of those alternative treatments has a higher-than-90 percent success rate. The only catch, however, is you have to leave the country if you want to receive this treatment in a hospital. It requires no surgery, no radiation, and no chemotherapy. It is based on a simple idea: Improve the nutrients the body ingests, release the toxins the body has accumulated, and the body will cure itself. It has been proven successful in thousands of case studies.

In 1928, Dr. Max Gerson discovered a cure for cancer and virtually every form of chronic disease. He began his experimentation and research on himself in an attempt to cure the migranes he suffered from as a young medical doctor. By eating a combination of raw fruits and vegetables, and at the same time removing alcohol, animal fat, salt, and spices from his diet, Dr. Gerson effectively cured his migranes. His migrane therapy became popular in Europe, and one of his patients reported that the treatment had also cured his skin tuberculosis. After hearing this news, a famed lung specialist offered to conduct a clinical trial of 450 incurable skin tuberculosis patients – 446 of 450 patients recovered.

Years later, in 1946, Dr. Gerson and five of his cancer patients testified before the U.S. Congress with evidence supporting his treatment for cancer. On July 3, 1946, ABC News corespondent Raymond Grand reported to a U.S. audience that a cure for cancer had been found. Raymond Grand was fired shortly thereafter, leaving his position of 30 years at ABC. And, Congress passed a law outlawing the Gerson Therapy for cancer in a hospital in the United Sates (Gerson Miracle).

In 1977, Max Gerson’s daughter, Charlotte, founded the Gerson Institute in San Diego. There is also a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, where cancer patients and others can receive the Gerson Therapy. The patient replenishes the bodies nutrients with an eight-ounce glass of juice from raw organic fruits and vegetables 13 times a day. They also eat raw fruits and vegetables. The detoxification part of the therapy is achieved by a coffee enema. The coffee stimulates the bioducts in the liver to release the toxins that the body has filtered from the blood. The toxins then go into the colon, and eventually into the rectum for expulsion with the coffee at the end of the 15 minute process. While it might sound gross, it’s important that people know about alternatives to what is being offered by mainstream medicine.

The orator Patrick Henry is famous for the phrase “Give me liberty or give me death.” A little more than 200 years after those famous words were spoken, the terminally ill citizens of this nation buy death at a high price.

*Photo from Wikimedia Commons

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