Announcing ECOpack

Korduroy is stoked to announce the ECOpack, a new advancement in DVD packaging – the first four color, full sized 100% recycled kraft paper dvd case. The ECOpack was co-developed with Berkeley based Greenerprinter and utilizes 50% post consumer waste paper. It’s got that nice kraft paper feeling that takes you back to when your mom packed your lunch for you. The printing is done with vegetable based inks, and the case features a unique pocket system that does not require plastic on the interior to hold booklets or dvds. The result is a durable yet lighter package that will also cost less fuel to ship. The ECOpack is available through Greenerprinter to all filmmakers and brands looking for and environmentally responsible DVD packaging alternative. “While looking for environmentally friendly dvd packaging we found that nearly every company outsourced their production to Asia. It just didn’t make sense to have something made halfway around the world. So after collaborating with Greenerprinter for a couple months, we’re excited to offer other US filmmakers an alternative way of packaging their films .”” explains filmmaker and Korduroy founder, Cyrus Sutton. The first ECOpack Korduroy release will be TOM’S CREATION PLANTATION, a surf film and instructional highlighting wooden Alai’a board surfing and shaping. The street date for this title is March 29th, 2010.

About Korduroy TV

Korduroy TV is a DIY surfing website that combines today’s digital technology with grassroots initiatives to provide a platform for independent surf culture. Korduroy also collaborates to develop environmentally sound products related to its community. (

About Greenerprinter

Greenerprinter is a certified green business that prints business cards, marketing collateral, product catalogs, and more using only recycled paper and soy & vegetable-based inks. With an easy-to-use online ordering system and more than 20 years of experience, Greenerprinter offers a high-quality, responsible printing option. (

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