Anyone Can Can: Sweet Pickled Red Onion

Brittany Carson, a San Diego native and current LA resident, bides her time dodging traffic jams and hosting dinner parties. She’s sent us a pickling how-to as a creative way to get your friends together. 

It started with a Facebook invite, as contemporary get-togethers often do. “Pickling Party: Must Bring Veggies!” A friend of a friend (is that a friend twice removed?) invited me ever-so-informally to a pickling party a couple months ago. I’d never been to one before. The event stated that all I’d need to bring was myself, any vegetables that I wanted to pickle, a swimsuit and drinks, but those last two are unrelated to this submission. It turned out pickling was a lot easier than I’d expected; all it involved was a brine, some flavorings (like Dill, Bay leaves, or Jalapeno peppers), and a jar. The pickled pink host turned first-degree-friend said she used Eating Well’s guide to pickling, found here. So we chopped up our veggies, made a huge vat of brine, and stuffed jars with colorful combinations of cut veggies as we saw fit. We all left with armfuls of pickle jars and were told to leave them upside down in the fridge for a week before turning them over right-side-up until it was time to enjoy the “fruits” of our labor. A pickling party is a great idea for any time of year. I’ll definitely be recycling the idea, and the jars! 

What You’ll Need:  

3 red onions 

2 cups sugar 

2.5 cups white vinegar 

1 tablespoon salt 

How to Pickle:  

1. In a small pan combine the sugar, vinegar and salt and bring to a simmer, while making sure to stir the ingredients until all of the sugar and salt has dissolved. Once the ingredients start to simmer, leave them on the heat for an additional five minutes before taking them off, and letting the juice cool.

2. Then peel and cut your onions in half then place in a sterilised sealable jar. It doesnt have to be a ‘pickle’ jar, but it does need to be air tight for instance an old jam or mason jar. Pour the liquid in and place in the fridge. These pickles will be ready to roll the next day.

3. When serving them I like to pair the onions with grilled short ribs, sausages, grilled mushrooms or anything that can use a little sweet and sour bite and lace with a splash of the juice.


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