Artist Interview: Christine Brailsford

Christine Brailsford is an artist out of San Diego who has just released her first book, a reusable coloring book called”Let’s Go!” In addition to her illustrations, Christine has been inspired by paipos and woodworking. Look for an upcoming All Yew epidsode with Christine coming soon…

What was the inspiration behind creating a coloring book?

I wanted to create a book that kids could color but still be able to use it after their first scribbles. I also wanted to do a book about real everyday surfing: riding waves and finding stoke…

A reusable coloring book seems like a great way to go. How is it reusable? What materials do you use that are different then a regular coloring book?

Each book is laminated and spinal bound…so it’s almost indestructible.

Why does the age limit for the book stop at age 92? A person that is 100 might get a bit jealous… : )

You’re right…no age limit!

photo: Manuel Caro


What is your favorite medium of art to work with?

Pen & ink, wood carving.

Where do you look for inspiration when doing any of your artwork?

I get inspiration from my life, the ocean, and people around me. I like to find the humor in things. I’m starting a new comic strip about squirrels that shred on little boards…it will be fun to see where it goes.

George Greenough


It seems as though you have some skills with wood. What goes into making one of your wood carvings? Is there a particular type of wood you like to work  with?

Ha, some time and muscle. For me, carving is a meditative process. I mostly like to work with recycled pieces of wood that I find or left over wood from my paipos.

photo: Manuel Caro


You also make your own paipos?

I wanted to try something different…to get another perspective on wave-riding. I first learned about Paipos from looking at Geoff’s collection of glassed paipo/knee boards at Leucadia Surf Shop. I made my first board out of pine ply…didn’t think it would even float. I soon realized that it not only was it extremely buoyant once I got some momentum, but I was pulling into barrel after barrel…pure stoke.

How did you learn to build these boards?

Looking at old paipos, picking the brains of local woodworkers and shapers, and a lot of experimentation. I have so much to learn.


You can find out more about Christine, her art, paipos at:

You can order her coloring book at:

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