Artist Interview: Tom Veiga

Tom Veiga is a talented artist working as a designer in Brazil. He describes himself as “an artist of the Ocean,” and is the creator of Waves Series, a union of his passion for design and surf, reflecting his vision of the waves with the design. These very unique illustrations of waves are not to miss.

Who is Tom Veiga?

I am 30 years old and am married and father of two sons. I work as an art director for a digital agency in Brazil, which gives me the exact balance needed to develop my art.

Inspired by the most famous waves and beaches in the world, my art that I create on the side is always exploring the universe with bright colors of the surfing world in a variety of means.

What is the Waves Serie?

Waves Series is the name given to illustrate the focus of my art, which seeks to reflect waves around the world using design as a tool of expression.

God is so perfect that each wave created around the world is unique and my job is to show that each wave has a size, temperature, shape, color and style very specific and I try to interpret these features to the maximum using the minimum possible traits, enhancing colors, curves, movement and contrast.

What is your creative process?

My creative process is wide. I have two ways of doing art, painting on canvas using paint but I’m still perfecting this technique, and another way of doing my art is more conventional and digital, where early in her finish a paper, but in computer.

I always walk with paper and pencil with me, because inspiration can come at any time.

Everywhere you can see a curve that may resemble a wave. Creativity can come on a trip to the beach with the family, seeing a surfing magazine, watching a DVD, viewing a site with pictures of waves and when the inspiration comes, I just step to the drawing paper, scan it on your computer, then redraw it in Illustrator and finalize it in Photoshop, then print it on photo paper and put in frames for the exhibition.

My job is to make the most of a characteristic of a wave with minimum possible strokes.

What is the importance of colors in your work?

For me the color is the heart of the arts. It’s the contrast that, the joy and movement arts, rarely do art using a less than 4 colors. I always try to use many colors bring joy to my art.

And the color also adds a bit of Brazil to my art, since Brazil is made by various ethnic groups, various cultures and peoples. The colors are a bit of our racial and joy the arts.

It seems that you are applying your artwork for different media, including shoes, t-shirts, and even surfboards. Tell us a little about these creations.

I have sought new experiences of applications of my art on other surfaces because I can see the flexibility of my job that challenges me and takes me much longer to develop.

I always try to study the curves of the element and how can I take advantage of these curves to give the greatest possible movement, giving life to the product.

I had the opportunity to make art for surfboards, bags, bikinis, hats, slippers, and shoes. This is still a project that I am looking for a brand to partner with to produce, but for now it is a project I want to run in 2012.

But each product has its challenges.

What are some other projects that you worked in the past? Any that you are particularly proud of?

I had the opportunity to work on various cool projects, I like to link my work to things that I believe in and support.

For two years I did the art of the annual event of the Save The Waves and also did the art event of the Surfrider Global Wave International.

I was invited to the art of Surfing Day 2011 event, a work that had very wide range, spreading my art to the 4 corners of our globe.

But anyway, each project has a special liking to me. It may involve something of a noble great happiness as well.

Where can people buy your artwork?

There are several ways people buy my gear: exhibitions I do, also in a few galleries that I leave some of my paintings.

But people can contact me through my website, I sent art to various countries.

What can we expect to see Tom Veiga, in the near future?

For the next few months, I’m creating new art to stamp pillows, sarongs, shoes, handbags, and exposure to a new series of boards that must come into the circuit in the second half of this year.

For more of Tom’s work check out his websites, and or follow him on his blog at

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