Auditorium with Dani Miquel

Dani Miquel has lived for the last 16 years on Gran Canaria, part of the Canary Islands off the coast of northwest Africa. His photography explores the sensations of the people, places, and ocean dynamics embodied in surfing and windsurfing. From a bird’s eye view to shots from within or under a wave, Miquel’s photo samples for Auditorium play with the varied perspectives of surfers and their aquatic environment. His song choice, Tricky’s “Hell is Around the Corner,” is a fresh take on a smooth, hypnotic beat of Isaac Haye’s “Ike’s Rap II” (also recognizable in Portishead’s “Glory Box”). Its blend of musical genres reflects the variability of Miquel’s photography:

“I think I started taking surfing pictures in a need to share the stoke. To surf a wave is such an amazing feeling, I feel bad if I don’t share it. I try to express those feelings and sensations through my work. I am also showing my family why I left home so long ago in a pursuit of a stoked life. I’ve always been involved in some kind of artistic expression. I used to draw a lot as a kid. Then I moved to writing, and finally came photography, which felt just right for me. It is about my personal interpretation of a feeling, to capture the stoke of surfing.

“Tricky is one of my favorite artists, that’s for sure. This song gets my vibes and good mood rolling.”

Take a look at his Tumblr ( for a more in-depth perspective of his work.

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