Auditorium with Able Brown

Able Brown has lived in all four corners of the U.S., never straying out of earshot from the ocean. His quirky paintings have circulated many a blog, but he’s also spent the last 16 years snapping photos. He’ll use anything he has on hand, from Contax G2s to underwater toy cameras. An eccentric nature and body-surfing enthusiast, Brown compares his photographs to a collection of notes taken by a very distracted Private Investigator, one who always ends up wandering off to the sea with a bottle of rum in one hand and a pair of swim fins in the other. His photos below range from spots in North Carolina and New York, to Nicaragua, Hawaii and Rapa Nui (Easter Island).

His song choice is slightly more subdued than his body of art and photo work: “The song, ‘Free Bird,’ is by the indefatigable Little Wings, fronted by one seal of a man, Kyle Field. While putting together this selection of photos, this song popped into my head and anchored there, taking it’s own life in my selection. The rest of his songs ain’t too shabby either.”

Find more of Able’s work here:

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