Auditorium with Alan Martin

Alan Martin is an amateur photographer based in Kent, England. Often using his plastic toy cameras (Diana F+, Holga, Traveller twin lens reflex, or his 1970’s Anny) and always shooting his photos on medium format analogue film, Alan creates a dreamy vintage aesthetic from both staged and candid portraiture. The result is not, as he says, “award-standard digital work,” but that’s just the beauty of his work: a raw, unfiltered portrayal of the ocean and the lifestyles that thrive off it.

Martin explains his subjects and song choice: “I search for niche areas of interest and follies within the seaside and urban environments, and the people from those places bring all my work together…. My song choice will be ‘All I Need,’ by Air. For me it is simply hot, cold, dry and wet (much like any summer in Britain), but it tugs at the heart strings like no other.”

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