Auditorium with Chris McConville

Up until three years ago, Chris McConville claims he’d been a “normal inner city dweller, a well-paid, white-collar worker.” Struck with a longing to escape that life for a more inventive one, he spent the last two years surfing and creating. He is now studying Graphic Design in Melbourne to ensure he can pursue his life goal: to create. 

Etta James’ classic hit for lovebirds is reinterpreted for Chris since, “At Last,” he has realized his dream. He had this to say about his change of pace and his song choice:

“My photography and design comes from a place inside me, which aims to encourage others to do more of the things they love. I guess I think that if I’m honouring myself and my dreams, perhaps others will, too…. I wasn’t sure with what song to choose, to tell you the truth, so I called upon a great friend for some help. We lived/surfed/created together for a number of months a little over a year ago. He reminded me of this song, which at one point I edited a little surfing video to. He also reminded me that I would often say that ‘God has Etta James on his iPod.’ After that conversation, the choice was easy, and ready-made.”

Visit his blog for further insight:

Photo above of Chris McConville by Shaun Freeman

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