Auditorium with Cliff Endsley

Cliff Endsley, a San Diego-based photographer, is attune to capturing a singular, peaceful moment amidst an otherwise chaotic scene. His song choice epitomizes his style of photography and the beauty of becoming entranced by such brief moments of stillness within his surroundings: 

“I spend a lot of my time thinking about photographs. Whether it’s what i’m shooting at the moment or where I should shoot the next swell, its ever-present. I chose this song for a couple reasons. One, because I feel that it’s a mesh of classic or traditional music with a modern twist, which speaks to my photographic style a bit. Secondly, because it helps me let go of my constantly racing mind and be totally immersed in the moment. I think that the best photographs are created in these special moments when nothing else matters. Only then is it possible to create an image composed of all the elements coming together to create a visually amazing and unique moment. My passion is to translate these moments into a photograph to share with the world. Some of this is accomplished by choosing the right location, timing, and equipment; the rest is on nature and how well you are in tune with it.”


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