Auditorium with Donnie Hedden

Donnie Hedden’s list of inspirations: artists (Bruce Brown, Thomas Campbell), locations (New Zealand, ghost towns in West Texas), beer (New Belgium Ranger IPA), weather patterns (very windy and stormy), and most importantly—getting lost. 

While growing up in Santa Barbara, California, Donnie worked on his family’s pirate-themed boat ride business. 

“Long days staring at the Pacific Ocean’s horizon from my post as first mate taught me a great deal about the different colors, shapes and feelings the natural world can produce.” 

The tourists that collected aboard the ship also fascinated Donnie, and the combination stoked his desire to wander beyond the coast, to travel, and capture those “vivid, human moments” through digital and film photography. 

For the past three years, Donnie’s been landlocked in Nashville, Tennessee, but his current project—Currentsea, a road trip with friends in search of surf and new ideas—has brought him back home. Donnie is documenting their journey with the philosophy that “things happen all the time; I’m just taking notes.”

His song choice, “Lost in the Light” by Bahamas, has been on repeat for the Currentsea voyage, making it a soundtrack for the trip. It was an obvious choice, Donnie says, and “the background singers continue to melt me.”

Find more of Donnie’s work at, and more on Currentsea: and @currentsea on Instagram.

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