Auditorium with Gary Parker

Gary Parker is on a quest through the deep unknown, but luckily for us, he brought his camera. He’s always been into art in many forms, but he says one of the reasons he loves photography is because it’s portable, just like him.

“When I photograph, it’s like time ceases to exist. I get totally lost in my surroundings,” he says. “My images attempt to invoke a sense of simplicity and resonate the message that even amidst our hectic lifestyles, one must take the time to escape the ‘grind’ and seek tranquility and adventure, wherever that may be.”

Right now he’s road tripping around Hawaii, but who knows where he’ll be tomorrow. Here, you can follow the flow of some of his adventures through photographs that seem to stop time from slipping away.

Of his song choice, he explains: “I love music that I can truly immerse myself in and be lost for hours… The track I have chosen is by an outfit called Colour Haze, titled ‘Aquamaria.’ This song really takes me places, and if I were to ever create a surf film, Colour Haze would be the soundtrack.”

Get more info on Gary at any of these online spaces: (personal website) (Gary´s project) 


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