Auditorium with Jack Hillman

Jack got in touch with us via Twitter to share the trailer to a cool video he worked on with Maru Brand about cold water photography. So, naturally, we asked him to share some photos and a song choice for an Auditorium because we’re fascinated with this sect of the surf community. And if you scroll through the pictures here, you’ll see why (surfing with icicles on your face, really?).

Jack explains: “It is definitely challenging to shoot surfing in Nova Scotia, especially in the winter months. It’s really cold, the waves are rarely perfect, and the sky is almost always grey, but… when the waves turn on and the clouds open up, there is nowhere in the world I would rather be.”

He also plays the banjo, so for his song choice he’s selected “Thrown by the Bull” by local Nova Scotian, Old Man Luedecke.

He says: “Every time I hear that old time sound, it conjures images of a simpler time. Playing the Banjo, like both surfing and photography, is a journey. A photograph is never perfect, two waves never the same, and the banjo always leaves something to learn.

“Even the true masters after a lifetime of practice and experience are learning along the way, picking up on new images, sounds and feelings. I am a truly banjo novice, a mediocre surfer at best and I learn something new every time I put the viewfinder to my eye.”

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