Auditorium with Jaider Lozano

Jaider Lozano grew up in Avilés, only six miles from the beach in the central coast of Spain’s North Shore. He began surfing seven years ago, at age 20, but his relatively late start hasn’t hindered his love for photography and the sport.

The photos he has selected are a tribute to Spain’s northern coastline, where he learned to surf, and the anonymous surfers who frequent it. His photos and song choice reflect his impressive understanding of the artistic interplay between surfers and the ocean. 

Regarding his song choice, an acoustic cover of Florence + The Machine’s “Dog Days are Over,” he had this to say: “More than anything, I chose this song because I simply like it, I don´t know why. This band’s music and the voice of the singer are really nice. I guess to me it sounds kind of epic, like if it was the soundtrack of a movie. If I had to put music to the act of taking pictures or surfing awesome waves, no doubt for me this would be the song that would be playing in my mind.” 

To view more of Jaider’s work, check out his website or his Facebook

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