Auditorium with Jared Aufrichtig

Sit back, relax, turn up the tunes and take a stroll through the work of Mr. Jared Aufrichtig. Originally from Long beach, he recently released a large coffee table book called  Expressions Book One South Africa, and all of his images in this collection were shot on film with little to no post-production.



1. “Butter On A Hot Plate III” A surfboard I did with Ian Armstrong inspired by working with Derek Hynd ©Jared Aufrichtig/Leica100




FFSA Creative Development and Mural Proj ect 2014(© Jared Aufrichitg:Leica100)


2.  Images from my FFSA Creative Development Workshop and Mural Project with the Grootbos Foundation ©Jared Aufrichtig/Leica100



Jared Aufrichtig_Aloha Wave Salute_Muelles_Lobitos-Peru_Photo Gary Parker @Seastoke

3. “Aloha Wave Salute” Jared Aufrichtig “Muelles” Lobitos, Peru _
Photo: Gary Parker @Seastoke




Jared Aufrichtig_Bronx Museum Piece_Detail 1-2015


4. Detail of Jared Aufrichtig Artwork for the Bronx Museum titled “Bronx Alterum Bellum Fabulam” (Inspired by Wu Tang’s Another Bronx War Story)



Jared Aufrichtig_Painting Mural With Kids_Lobitos-Peru 2014_Photo Gary Parker @Seastoke

5. “Jared Aufrichtig Painting With Kids” Lobitos-Peru 2014 _ Photo Gary Parker @Seastoke

Jared Aufrichtig_Wegener Seaglass Tuna 360_Photo Mikhail Motala


6.  Jared Aufrichtig “Wegener Seaglass 360” Photo Mikhail Motala

Jared Aufrichtig_Working On Madsteez Alonzo Mural Background_Art Basel 2014_photo by MADSTEEZ


7. Jared Aufrichtig Working On Madsteez Alonzo Mural Background – Art Basel 2014 _ photo by MADSTEEZ




8.  Jared Aufrichtig Working on a piece for the Bronx Museum annual Gala 2015 ©Jared Aufrichitg/Leica1019.


Pecking Order_Incan Aloha Series_Peru  2014(©-Jared-Aufrichitg:Leica100)


9. “Pecking Order” from my Incan Aloha Series – Peru 2014 ©Jared Aufrichtig/Leica100 











Skip Frye's Shaping Bay 2015(© -Jared-Aufrichitg:Leica101)

10. Skip Frye’s Shaping Bay 2015 ©-Jared-Aufrichitg/Leica101


To see more of Jareds work check out his website at:

And check out his Instagram: @expressions_aufrichtig


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