Auditorium with Jay Rosetti

Jay Rosetti currently works far from the coast as a paramedic, but the ocean and his hometown of Newcastle, New South Wales still beckon. “The Gold is Gone,” the opening track of an album partially recorded in a church in Newcastle church, evokes the feelings of peace and purpose he and other surfers feel in the open water. The song ends with the lyrics, You best believe in something. It’s safe to say that for Jay and Korduroy, surfing is definitely that something.

“To me, surfing is so much more than five feet and offshore. It’s the travel, it’s the mood, and it’s the time to defrag the mind and reconstruct. I enjoy the search for empty waves or coastline, something that is becoming harder to do in today’s world…. It’s a feeling. I decided to start documenting those moments in time. A couple of my dad’s mates who have fought off illness encouraged me to do so. They believe that even if they find themselves in the grips of dementia, their chronicles will re-stoke the feeling.”

“The song I have chosen is by Charge Group, a band I listen to frequently while knocking over the kilometers. It’s atmospheric, it’s vast, and it fuels a sense of purpose of positioning.” .

See more of Jay’s exquisite shots on his flickr page:

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